UI Design

2017 was the year that UI disciples the world over proved themselves to be the singular champions of free thought in design. I am proud to say that the field has finally come of age and found itself. Years passed but still, the trends of UI designing is on top due to the continuous innovations.

Rise of Touch ID

Earlier, the use of the touch ID was only to unlock the device by verifying one’s fingerprints for the security purposes. Later, touch functionalities had been used in the Apple devices.This concept of UI started giving the industry something bigger and better. Probably 60% of mobile phones adapts this fingerprint concepts which is been massive hit in the recent times.

Proliferation of Weather Apps

This is one of the best UI changes in 2017. Weather is the important feature in mobile as well as for the world , recently designers and developers have changed the look and feel of weather apps which is great and it is quite acceptable by the users.

Material Design Always Rocks

It is an old mobile UI trend and it is expected to be continued in forthcoming years. This is a one of the Google based layout designing trend which is completely based on the material design concept. Material design is the commendable trend which offers user-friendly material design.

Optimized Interstitial Anxiety

It is the state of tension when a user experiences between an action (clicking a button) and a response (moving to the next page).
High latency and load times between action and response can trigger this brief experience of anxiety, during which the user is momentarily left in the dark powerless and confused caught between seams.

Brokered AI Networks

Artificial Intelligence is still the stuff of science fiction but lesser, more practical AI’s, virtual assistants and digital concierges are right at our doorstep most notably Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Now, Jibo, M, Clara, Amy and S Voice.

Card Design UI Patterns

Basically, card design patterns are used for making a website more impressive and appealing. It is the best tool for mobile-friendly websites. This concept has entered to the domain just to divide and place the content properly on the website which ensures better visibility. Also, the card designs made it possible to download the objects (the media ones) and attracts more traffic towards the website.

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