WordPress is a free platform with a dedicated community to meet the needs of any website purpose. Developers are expanding constantly the platform’s themes, plugins, and layouts. WordPress plugins may be used by any company or organization, from an eCommerce shop to a social networking website, while they are designed to be used as blogging platforms.

According to expert surveys, WordPress is used by more than 29% of all websites globally and the percentage is increasing regularly. It has improved notably from being a blogging platform to being an effective content management system. Let us see What is WordPress and the 5 reasons to choose WordPress for web development in 2023.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content Management System(CMS) that offers an interface for users to create, manage, and modify digital content on websites without needing any coding knowledge, through a backend admin panel typically. It was launched in 2003 and it has grown to become the most popular website-building platform in the world, powering over 60 % of all websites that use a CMS.

5 Reasons to choose WordPress for web development in 2023

Why to Choose Wordpress Development

WordPress is customizable, flexible, and scalable

WordPress is a flexible, and highly customizable website-building platform. The huge variety of templates, plugins, and themes availablility makes it easy to make a website that is tailored to your specific needs. It can be customized and extended to meet the unique needs of any website because the platform is built on an open-source codebase. This makes WordPress a scalable platform. It can be adapted easily to accommodate the growing needs of your business.

You can custom code features onto your website for optimal performance. There is also a vast array of integrations and plugins available which makes you add new features and functionalities yourself, regardless of your knowledge level.

WordPress is easy to use and maintain

WordPress is designed to be user-friendly. It allows people without technical skills to create and manage a website easily. The platform’s user-friendly dashboard and intuitive user interface make it simple to add posts, pages, and media to your site. The well-organized layout makes it easy to navigate, and the straightforward editing tools enable you to make changes easily, and quickly.

WordPress, the user-friendly user interface is also easy to maintain. To ensure the security of your website and its users, the platform is regularly updated and it has a feature called “auto-update” which ensures that your website is running on this latest updated version of WordPress. This removes the need for manual updates and reduces the security vulnerability risk.

WordPress is free

WordPress is free to use. It is another main advantage of WordPress. Anyone can download, install, and use WordPress without paying any licensing fees or other costs which is a huge advantage for small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations which have low budgets, and limited resources.

Though the core software is free, you may get some additional features and services by paying. These include premium themes and plugins, website hosting and domain name registration, custom website design and development, and additional support and maintenance services. These services help you to enhance the performance and functionality of your website and offer additional assistance and support when you build and maintain your website. It means that if you are willing to do the work yourself, a site can be created for a low price.

WordPress is popular

WordPress is the world’s most famous website-building platform and this popularity is evidence of the platform’s reliability, versatility, and ease of use. WordPress is widely used. It means that it is widely supported and there is a large community of designers, developers, and users who can offer advice, support, and resources to help you set up and customize your website. This large community is available with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which can help you to make the most of the platform and build a website that meets your specific needs.

In addition, it is respected and recognized by search engines, other web developers, and businesses, because WordPress is so popular. Search engines will find and index your website, which makes it easy to change web development management companies, and it also makes your business or website more valuable if you wish to sell it.

WordPress is secure

WordPress takes security seriously to keep your business and its data safe with a set of features. WordPress can be hardened in more ways, with the addition of a few free and well-supported security plugins. Some security features are given below:

  • The ability to make secure passwords
  • The ability of making backups of your website automatically.
  • To add an extra layer of security to your website, “two-factor authentication” can be enabled.
  • Regular updates to the core software and plugins address security vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.
  • The “Auto-update” feature of WordPress ensures that your website is always running on the latest version of WordPress.’
  • Ownership management control and File permission.
  • SSL/TLS encryption installation
  • Limited login attempts
  • Security plugin options like malware scanning, firewalls, audit logs, and intrusion detection.

It is important to note that no website is completely escaped from hacking attempts, but the security features offered by WordPress along with the implementation of best security practices, reduce the risk of a successful hacking attempt.


WordPress is a powerful website-building platform that provides a wide range of features and capabilities. WordPress is a good option to choose for building whatever website you want. If you decide to build a website yourself, there is more support and information available online to help you. If not, you can choose the best WordPress development company like Smarther for better performance and efficiency.

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