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Smarther’s professional iOS app developers build, design, and deploy fast, feature-rich, creative, and secure iOS apps for all your iOS devices at lower prices and better returns with no sacrifice on quality.

Hire dedicated iOS app developers to create the greatest and most cost-effective iPhone apps to meet your various business requirements. Our collection of powerful custom iPhone apps for a variety of industries is backed by tried-and-true processes and unified communication. 

  • 10+ years of expertise
  • 200+ Projects Delivered
  • 25+ Efficient Programmers
  • 100+ Fortune Clients

Hire Dedicated iOS App developers: Introduction to iOS

Following Android, iOS is the world’s second-most popular mobile device operating system. It has an intuitive, user-centered design, and it is used by app developers to create apps for the iOS app store. This operating system is generally recognized as the foundational software that allows iPhone users to interact with their phones through gestures such as Apple tapping, swiping, and pinching.

iOS is available on all iPhone models, and its main competitor is Google’s Android. In 2007, iOS was released alongside the iPhone and started running on iPads and iPod Touch versions.

Why Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers from Smarther?

Smarther provides a comprehensive set of IT services, including web design and development. Cutting-edge mobile application development benefits our customers all around the world. Through our services, we have delivered innovative solutions to clients in over 20 countries. Our team of young and energetic specialists is putting their technological abilities to good use to provide essential web and mobile app development solutions.

  • Our entire team of experts is committed to ensuring that our clients are delighted while maintaining high quality.
  • A tried-and-true business model 
  • Expertise in several domains
  • Strong technical skills
  • Reliable and constant communication is essential.
  • A customizable pricing strategy adapted to their individual needs has benefited over 150+ satisfied clients around the world. 

Hire Dedicated iOS App Developers: Benefits of choosing Smarther

  • All of your demands will be met in one place, including strategic concept development, business analysis, software development, and web marketing.
  • One point of contact for all of your requirements
  • Over 25+ experts dedicated
  • A dedication to excellence and the creation of value
  • A domain knowledge repository that spans many industries
  • Pricing and assistance that is competitive
  • Upgrades to new and developing technology are ongoing

Hire dedicated iOS app developer Services 

  •  iPhone/iPad apps
  •  Custom iOS apps
  •  iPhone app UI/UX Design
  •  iPhone Extension Development
  •  iPhone Widget Development
  •  iPhone app Integration
  •  Optimization and Maintenance of iPhone apps
  •  iOS App Support
  •  iPhone app Consultation

Our App development Experts:

We have experts in iOS app developers who have developed mobile applications in the following sectors.

  • E-commerce single vendor application
  • E-commerce Multi-vendor applications
  • Education or learning application
  • Booking appointments applications for Doctor
  • Booking appointments applications for Beauticians
  • Home service applications
  • Food delivery applications
  • Finance applications

And many other industries.

Process of iOS App Development by Smarther:

We provide excellent customer support by utilizing a collaborative project management system to create more stable, professional, and scalable mobile solutions.

  • Analysis of Requirements

The app’s need is examined before beginning the development process. Business needs, functionality, and deliverables are discussed with the client. To strengthen the app idea, it is modified and validated. Examining timelines, costs, and viability. In this stage, the project milestone will be completed.

  • Wireframe design

An app prototype will be produced. The user interface, the app’s appearance and feel, and using the app’s fundamental functionalities Discussion about the difficult features that arise throughout the app development process’ final stage.

  • Design

The designing phase will begin after the wireframe is completed. Our UX/UI team will begin working on your project. The latest techniques and features are used. Sending regular project updates and obtaining client approval according to their specifications.

  • Application Development 

As soon as the designing phase begins, the development process will follow suit. We developed our software using the agile method after receiving client permission. Manual coding is used by industry norms.

  • Testing for quality assurance

Finally, our QA testers will test the developed app. At each stage of the development process, our team will inspect the app. All errors and faults will be corrected, and the final product will be error-free.

  • Maintenance and Support

We’ll keep your app up to date with the most recent features. At regular periods, the app will be monitored and maintained, with bug fixes, regular tracking, and upgrades.

Steps to hiring Dedicated iOS app developers:

Step 1: Inquiry

Get a free consultation via different communication methods that are easily accessible (Website, Skype, Hangout, Slack, etc.). To deliver customized mobile solutions, hire an iOS app developer.

Step 2: Talk to the business analyst about the specifics.

A dedicated iOS developer is allocated to discuss, comprehend, and analyze your business needs/requirements in the most efficient manner possible, and then create a personalized solution to meet your app requirements.

Step 3: Complete the project’s terms and timelines.

To hire an iOS app developer for your native app development and customization needs, we present you with a thorough project proposal agreed upon in terms of solutions, time frame, and cost.

Step 4: Execution And Delivery Using Agile Methodologies

When you hire an iPhone application developer from us, you can rest assured that they will follow all international coding principles and standards.

Step 5: Deployment and Proper maintenance of Projects

We provide iOS Specialists to maintain your store and keep it up to date while satisfying the client’s high expectations.

A quality analyst is always hired to ensure that the greatest online iOS portal is delivered.

Hiring Models:

 To hire a dedicated iOS developer, select the appropriate hiring model for your project and budget from the list below.

A model with a Fixed Time / Fixed Cost:

      • If there are any changes, it is necessary to re-negotiate.
      • Best for small tasks with specialized requirements.
      • When you have a set deadline or amount of work to complete, this is the best option.

Model of Time and Material:

      • Flexibility is required.
      • Increased openness.
      • When the scope of a project is unknown, this is ideal.
      • Long-term projects with shifting requirements are best.

Model of a Dedicated Team:

    • Flexibility
    • Cost-effective resources
    • You have complete control over the members of your dedicated team
    • Long-term commitment to an agile development style

iOS app development is one of the most emerging technologies that has been upgraded day by day and iOS users also have been increased by 6% every year.

Any business requiring iOS developers looks for the ones who upgraded themselves every day. We smarther provide such versatile developers as dedicated resources for iOS development.

We provide dedicated resources for iOS development on an hourly or monthly basis according to the agreement with the client. With ideal time constraints, our coders perform most successfully.

Hire dedicated iOS app developers from Smarther to make your dream project comes live.


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    Types of mobile applications yout Team can develop?
    • Native application development
    • Flutter app development
    What is the approximate time to develop a Mobile app?

    After getting inputs from client our team will analysis your requirements and the time for developing your mobile app and based upon the hours required the timeframe  will be shared through proposal.

    Whether a mobile application can be developed within a month?

    No, the time entirely depends upon the requirement of the app. Only a basic application like single vendor ecommerce can be done in one month.Contact us to know the timeframe for your app.

    What are the mobile application deveopment process your smarther team will follow?
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Designing
    • App Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Support & maintenance
    What are the steps you take to make my app secure?

    We ensure complete security of your mobile application by signing an NDA with our clients.

    Will your app development team assist me in uploding to stores?

    Yes, our team will help you in the app submission process. We will guide you in uploading to respective app stores.

    After app launch I can approach for any modification?

    Yes, our team will support you modification, based upon the changes  will be charged.

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