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We, Smarther is a leading web and mobile app development company having expertness in creating fast, secure, and reliable progressive web app development services with 100% client satisfaction. We are building feature-rich progressive web apps to help our clients for different businesses, and these apps look like native apps and are lite. And it loads faster independent of internet connections.

Progressive web app development company:

A progressive web app(PWA) delivering an app-like experience to users using modern web capacity. It is the best practice for making a web app function similar to a desktop or mobile app. As PWA is flawless and uniform, there is no chance of telling the difference between a progressive web app or a native mobile app by the user.

    We are offering the progressive web app which gives the feel of a native app and enhances user experience that includes app-like navigation, quicker load time, and highly-visual content. We provide a solution at every stage of app development and deliver first-class apps to our clients around the globe, being the best progressive web app development company.

Features of progressive web apps:

  • Fast without network: PWAs offer experiences that are traveling consistently. It is very fast to start the app again even without using the network makes it fast to load, once you cache the data.
  • Works offline: With slow network speed, PWA works efficiently and runs smoothly with less data consumption, save the web page and it will work offline.


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    Why Work With Us? Our Process for Progressive web app development

    • Integrated user experience: PWAs behave and feel like native apps. PWAs present on a user’s home screen, send push notifications like native apps and have access to a device’s functionalities like native apps.

    • Engaging: The app should keep the users attached. A PWA offers features such as push notification, home screen icon, full screen, and offline-first app to boost user engagement.

    • User-friendly: Install PWAs are very easy and can be shared through URL. As PWAs are fast, secure, and reliable they provide a better user experience with the help of service workers.

    • Push notifications: To keep the user engaging with the product, web push notifications assist users to visit the webpage. And engagement rate increases 4 times by users spending twice as much time on the site.

    Progressive web app development services:

        Smarther is the leading progressive web app development company agreed with the latest tools and technologies that are making the fast, easy to develop, understand and test. We ensure that users get an alluring app experience when they visit your website.

    • Native-like performance: Our PWAs are a combination of mobile browser apps and native apps that obtain the benefits and features of both.

    • Help with up-to-date services:   To offer full support and maintenance of a specific audience for your business, we follow an agile approach for PWA development.

    • Mobile compatibility: PWA is adaptive and based on the screen they are being viewed by our experts, they give the best experience possible and help you to develop apps across multiple devices and browsers.

    • Custom progressive app development:  According to the client’s needs such as smooth UI, fast animations, and a native-like feel, we develop custom progressive web apps for them.

    • Application shell architecture: PWAs deliver an incredible user experience, without any other interruption users get to enjoy a pure app-like performance, because, we build them on an app shell model.

    • Responsive web app development: We are creating progressive web apps that run across multiple devices and browsers at a super-fast speed.

    Advantages of building a Progressive web app:

        To increase the user experience and develop your business, PWAs combine the features of both the websites and the native apps. By knowing the benefits of PWAs, you will notice the difference.

    • Mobile Independence: PWAs are web-based, they work on any operating system on any different device. It doesn’t matter whether your users are Android device users or Apple users. They both can access your web app. They are future-proof and are not affected by trends.

    • Release your product easier: Your users don’t need to update any mobile apps, since PWAs are deployed directly. Don’t wait for the update approval in the Google Play store or the Apple store.

    • Promote your business easily:    They are linkable and shareable easily. By copying the link, your users can share PWAs with friends.

    • Access your app Offline: PWAs work independently of your internet connection speed. It allows you to access and consume your content anytime.

    • Push notifications: To generate re-engagement, PWA can deliver push notifications on the smartphones of users.

    • Native app experience: PWAs are accessible on any web browser, without the need for a download. They provide a smooth user experience of native apps. This helps your user engage and reach new users.

    • Build your Online presence:    PWAs are SEO-friendly, unlike native apps, which means they are indexed by Google, that assists you to increase the search volume, so that prospective users can find you on the web. 

    • Better performance: Less data is needed for PWAs than in your Android app, making them lighter, smoother, and quicker. So, they have a high conversion rate and less bounce rate. PWA uses one database rather than three. Reliable PWA solutions also offer multiple benefits for the developer.

    Why choose Smarther for progressive web app development?

        As we are the leading web and mobile app development company, we deliver creative solution through our products and services for our clients in over 20 countries. We offer the required solutions for both web and mobile app development by our technically skilled experts. Our team develops and delivers cost-effective and interactive products with diligence and intelligence to satisfy our clients without compromising on quality.

    • Our developers, and technical writers all working as a single devoted mind to complete the assigned task within the stipulated time.
    • Moreover, we offer technical support at every phase of your app development. 
    • We have experienced PWA experts who have the technology and industry skills to deliver apps that retain clients.
    • We work on bug fixing and enhancing app performance.
    • We use the latest and proven methodologies to create PWAs with a wonderful performance level.

    Process of Progressive app development:

        We make a customized and feature-rich progressive app. We build PWAs with a better user experience and improved performance.

    Step 1: Collect and analyze app requirements

        In this phase, the Progressive web app development company collects your PWA requirements. Then they analyze the demand, needs, users, estimation, and future scope of the app. It helps the company to convert your idea into a better project. 

    Step 2: App wireframing

     It is a blueprint. Depending on this, the team will work. A wireframe assists the app designers to understand the PWA flow. It will display the app design and its functionalities.

    Step 3: Choose technology stack

     It is important to choose the correct technology stack that fits your business needs. PWA is developed using the latest web stack. PWA development uses JS, HTML 5, and CSS. HTML5 is a good choice for progressive web app development. 

    Step 4: UI/UX design

     A good design can help to retain users. In this phase, designers take care of the overall feel and look of the app depending on your business, demands, and other things. Designers can support some popular app designing tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Sketch.

    Step 5: PWA development

    Once the design crosses the usability test, then they will develop it, that is coding. The developers start coding your PWA to build a user-oriented app.

    Step 6: Q/A testing

    Quality assurance is essential for anything. Q/A helps in building a quality app. And it keeps the low cost. At every stage of PWA development with manual and automated testing, ensuring Quality Assurance.

    Step 7: Launching the app

    After the process from designing to testing is done, it is time to launch the app for end-users. When comes to launching, PWA is a little different from native apps, but PWA act and feels like native apps. There is no need to launch your PWA on the play store or Apple store. Instead, you need to allow PWA to be installed from the browser and launched from the user’s device home screen directly.

    Step 8: Post-development phase

     You need to maintain the app services with assistance. They will maintain your app regularly and keep your app error-free and ensure that your users are getting the user experience smoothly.


      Businesses all over the world are accepting PWAs because it doesn’t take more storage than the native app. And it doesn’t have to be developed for different devices and different OS consumes fewer data and supports fast loading. Through the look and feel of the app, PWAs provide website browsing benefits.


    Customized Services We Offer

    • Android App UI/ UX
    • Native & Hybrid App Development
    • App Programming with latest tools
    • Testing for flawless performance
    • Bug free App Development
    • Guaranteed Approval on Play store
    • Application Re-design
    • 24/7 Maintenance & Support


    Focusing Technical Aspects

    • Android SDK
    • Location based services
    • Third Party Integration
    • In-app purchase
    • Restore/ backup
    • Social-Media Integration
    • Admob Integrations
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