Mobile App Development Company

Get custom mobile application development for Android & iOS platform.

Mobile App Development Company

Get custom mobile application development for Android & iOS platform.

Mobile app development company – Serving for the Future

Today’s Mobile world mobile apps become one of the important factors in each every business whether it may be a product based company or a service based company. Smarther the best and leading mobile app development company offering excellent mobile app services, the service that we offer will be from the hands of well-experienced experts having more than 8 years of working experience in respective field.

We smarther are there for you to bring you with the best mobile app from the hands of experienced mobile app developers that matches your business. We are expert in developing applications in Android, ios, blackberry, windows. We developed ‘n’ number of mobile applications in various sectors.

Our output will be 100% customer satisfied one we work smart to deliver highly quality mobile apps.

About our team

Our team of developers converts fresh ideas into full-fledged mobile apps as that of satisfying the client requirements. They are more flexible, dedicated, a good team worker, and excellent in delivering apps on time.

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    Why Work With Us? Our Process for Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development Company

    Mobile Application Strategy

    Our developed apps will reflex only a part of our app developers capable of. Our team knows what will make your ideas into reality. A developed on numerous app projects we understand that each and every app requires special attention. Due to this we spend more time in researching and planning.

    UX Design

    Our team of designers will find a solution for your problems and makes you to travel in a new path to reach your success. This results in increasing app downloads, customer retention and dwell time.

    App Development

    We have a team of passionate experts who deliver error quality services at each and every stages of the development process, and this made us deliver the project on time with quality. Our team has developed around 150+ apps.


    Our team of testers will analyze your application in various ways that undergoes numerous testing module to deliver you an error-free output.

    Mobile app development – Services

    Smarter the award-winning mobile app focus on the two main services of mobile apps,

    1. Android App Development
    2. iOS App Development

    Android App Development

    Android continues its dominant place in the Technology market. This popularity helps it as a luxury in more businesses, although the use of is more its complexity in creating an app is also increasing.

    We were one of the best mobile application development having strong and in-depth experience in developing Android apps with new and latest technologies. It’s our passion to bring out unique and best apps for all our clients. Smarter emerging as the top mobile app development company.

    Wide range users love to use Android Smartphones because of its wonderful features, intuitive and work well with Google applications. We Smarther delivered android apps in different industries like Business, E-commerce, Food, Healthcare, Fitness, Education, Travel and much more. For many smartphones, televisions, tablets, and wearables Android become the best choice because of its high customize abilities. As an Android app development company, Smarther develops high-quality mobile apps.

    Some of our key process in making successful apps are as follows,

    • Research – Before getting into app development strategies, we make an analysis in learning your business, your app ideas, your target customers and your business growth and reach.

    • App Architecture – After researching, wireframing and planning will be executed. This helps in creating more cost-effective services.

    • Design – Our team of passionate designers will finalize your app and work on techniques and special features to make your app a quality one.

    • QA – The development of Error free app will be the next step.

    • Testing – After the development of the app, it will undergo different levels of testing process before launch.

    • Maintenance – In order to make your app up-to-date we provide maintenance services.

    Our Android app development Team

    At Smarther we are excellent in Designing, developing, testing and deploying Android apps. Our experienced team of Android app developers offers more user-friendly apps. We engage in developing custom Android app development that helps business in reaching their goals on time.

    iOS App Development

    iOS is unique because of its different platform. The overall design, functionality, usability and the visions keep its competitor’s miles apart.

    In the mobile phones market, the place of iPhone is always NO.1 it has highest market and demand. As of iPhone, iPhone apps are also in more demand. With the best and latest technologies, we serving the best ios apps from our ios app developers.

    Being a leading iOS Mobile app developer, we have helped many numbers of business to get more visibility and Return On Investments (ROI). The reason for our success is our skilled mobile app developers.

    Delivered successful iOS apps that make our clients achieve their business goals. We deliver error-free results at every stage of our development process. Smarther is one of the leading iOS app development company worked from small startups to big enterprises delivering world-class services. iOS app development process includes,

    • Gathering Requirements – Our team of experienced designers, developers, and project development managers will make research in gathering the entire app requirement in detail and this helps in delivering successful project on time.

    • Prototype Design – After gathering the detailed requirement, our designers will develop the best wireframe that describes the entire app journey.

    • App Architecture – We develop a better architecture that results in good user experience.
    App Development – Our team of experienced and passionate developers, develop your app with the latest techniques and technologies that make you feel unique among all.

    • Testing and Deployment – After undergoing several stages of testing the app will be delivered with 100% error free.

    We are having an solid understanding of various components involved in developing a iOS apps,

    • iPhone Software development kit (SDK)
    • Cocoa Touch
    • Swift
    • Objective C/ C++
    • OpenGL ES
    • Core Graphics and Core audio
    • WebKit Programming
    • Core Location framework
    • Accelerometer
    • GPS

    Smarther develops iOS mobile apps that are more intuitive, usable and functional. We have a team of passionate iOS developers who are highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled developers suggesting the best ways to develop an app that increases the clients business and stands out in the business. With around 8 years of industry experience, we make all our clients improve their business with our developed mobile apps.

    Reason to choose our Mobile app developer company

    Nowadays technologies are growing more faster and faster. We smarther help you to reach your target customers just in one or two touches. With the aid of mobile applications you can reach your ROI and your valuable customers.

    We have helped number of business to obtain successful business and profit from startups to Enterprises. We smarther is awarded as the best mobile app development company by ENANTRA because of this successful journey. We are listed as one of the top mobile application development company in popular Indian online portal

    1. We deliver you the world-class and high-quality mobile apps by using the latest technologies
    2. 100% transparency and enterprise level designs
    3. We understand the objective of mobiles application for your business and we strive hard and smart to make user-friendly, resilient and thoughtful mobile apps that every individual will love to use 
    4. 8 + years of experienced teamwork to deliver a more successful project based upon the trending technologies
    5. Good Project Management and more effective communication 
    6. Timely delivery of projects and client satisfaction 

    Benefits of working with our mobile app company

    • We are having a team of experienced, skillful and passionate developers
    • Experts in building more complex Android applications
    • Strong technical knowledge and providing standard mobility solutions
    • Protection of source code
    • Reduced software, hardware, infrastructure and investments in devices
    • Easy accessibility and flexible 

    Three Key factors of Mobile App Development Company

    To adapt with the rapid growth of technology you need to partner with one of the top and best Mobile app development company like Smarther. Nemours service providers are offering these development services and hence it became one of the difficult tasks to choose the best one. To satisfy both the technical and business requirements it is important that each and every mobile app development company to have these three basic features.

    1.Speed – What will be the timeframe to complete the app? This will be the primary question each and every client. Select your platform, make a plan and develop. Plan a demo to deliver it on time.

    2. Features – Functionality plays a vital role in Apps features. Based upon the requirement, features will vary since every business is different. Learn your clients’ requirement in detail to deliver them with the best features.

    3. Affordability – Cost will make or break everything. We understood that affordable prices will make everything to happen. With Smarther there is no hidden cost.

    Smarther is rated as one among the top mobile app development companies offering its endless services in mobile platforms and making each and every business to meet their success.  

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