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Get Custom chatbot solution for your business build with
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Smarther’s Chatbot App simplifies your effort

Smarther provides an easy and smart way for employee and enterprise communications with AI chatbots. We are an efficient chatbot Development Company who can skillfully incorporate chatbots which in turn make your enterprise digitalize with excellence and satisfaction. Using chatbot apps you can easily take in and multiply your customer and retain them for our excellent work.

We built connectivity by chatbot apps that can simplify your effort which can build a network like spider web with your customers there by boosting your sales. We have integrated both static and dynamic chatbots. Our intelligent and creative chatbot developers develop chatbots with excellence that act like your personal assistance which thinks and takes decisions in your place according to your wish.

Human like Experience

Chatbots are used to conduct on-line chat and behave as a conversational partner thereby simplifying the interaction between humans and computers. Alexa is a chatbot which becomes like a family member and an interactive companion.

Nowadays in every house alexa gets incorporated. However chatbots cannot replace a human but can reduce the burden or load of a human work.

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    Insightful data collection

    Chatbots collect information about the gender of a person, general preferences like email are collected by smartloop and get stored as data. Chatbots along with google maps can even collect information or track live location. By providing all those data needed it can even guide us in taking decisions to satisfy the customers.

    Customer Satisfaction

    You can enable custom chatbots which provide round the clock guidance without any delay or interruption. Chatbots will not get tired of answering your queries. It tries to give an accurate solution for all your queries. If not sorted, redirects to the right person.

    Chatbot applications in enterprises

    Chatbot app is useful for multiple vocal chats. Chatbot application has created its milestone in several industries like medical, travel, E-commerce, banking, real estate etc.. The chatbot app’s adaptability gives a good support for these enterprises.Chatbot apps can expect a significant demand in future.


    Chatbot apps attract the customers through interaction and can minimize their work by adding products of their choice to cart and give good and better suggestions to shop their products.


    Chatbot helps us to book Doctors appointments based on their availability.It can even give solutions for the queries on insurance, medical claims, documents. At times it can even register the symptoms and prescribes the medicine for curing.


    Chatbot lists the food available with their detailed menu and makes it easy to order. Once the user initiates, the chatbot introduces itself and lists the menu with the special food item of the particular day and even motivates the user in ordering food by giving suggestions.


    Chatbot app helps you to find the best Hotel and Rooms under your budget and provides proper virtual assistance in and after the due course of your stay. It saves your check in and check out time and makes your stay pleasant.It gives us the information about the nearby restaurants.


    Customer service chatbot replies to all your queries and if not solved to your satisfaction will direct you to the concerned person for better clarification. It will not get tiresome of your repeated queries and gives you immense solutions.
    Why should you get a Chatbot?

    • Rent the best chatbot development company which can make your communication (internal & external) easy. They act as virtual assistants that solve all your questions and guide you for an efficient process that saves your time and labor.
      Round the clock support for its users and CRM Team
    • Uses simple language and can be Schmoozer. Installations can also be done within a short time.
      Economical. Chatbot saves money. They can be installed with a one time setup fee starting from 500 to 3000 rupees. Some can charge monthly payment for its maintenance.
    • Increase sales. Sales get multiplied by using chatbots in your services. When a customer gets satisfied he just refers to others thereby building a network.
    • Time saving. Time and tide waits for none. Chatbots can save your valuable time by reducing your load and making you free from work pressure.

    Enterprise Application

    Many organizations are looking to integrate automated AI based solutions into its customer service to provide faster and economic assistance to their clients who are becoming highly comfortable with technology. Technology freaks get more tied up with chatbots. Nowadays chatbots are getting attracted to children.

    Aids in business processes, handles data automatically and helps in smooth and time saving operations.
    AI chatbots, NLP, machine learning sort out the complexions through proper interactions. NLP enables chatbots to analyze, group, sequence the queries and answer them accordingly within a stipulated time at ease.
    Provides100% customer satisfaction and 100% quality thereby making its journey smooth. In the near future the importance of chatbot apps will increase with huge demand.

    Scalable looks through the huge amount of questions and allocate to the right person to get it solved. Chatbots get engaged always there by getting charged and energized.

    Hire to multiply and strengthen customer communication by penetrating their problem after undergoing minimal research to get it solved
    Conversational UI/UX

    Chatbot apps effectively incorporate UI/UX to social media applications. They hear the customers’ needs and give suggestions to design them. It can even provide tips to UX/UI designers to satisfy their customers..

    Chatbot development industry solutions

    Our skilled developers have made their clients happy by their successful work using chatbots in a wide variety of industries ranging from small to big. We enrich our value of work in accordance with the advancement in technology.