Web Designing

Here some of the interesting web design tips that every website should follow. Designing your website by following these tips and I guarantee that visitors will have a great first impression of your site.



Wireframe is actually the designed plan about the website. Before building the website be strong enough in the designing features.

Designing includes lists of pages in the website, logo, images, page layout, Grid Sections. The Gathered Requirement about the website Should be done perfectly without affecting the customer’s expectations.

Content Section

Select the necessary and suitable content about the webpage, because content plays the lead role in the website. If content Goes Wrong then the website Will be of no use.

Be Unique in Explaining the product to the customer’s in a effective way that they should feel some strong positive opinion about the product

Load time

Load time is the time which runs at the backend to load the Web page initially. Reduce the load time as possible as low , because people won’t prefer website having more load time.

Keep your website simple and neat. Don’t use bulky images that take ages to load and avoid Using big tables in the website

Easy to Read

Careful While choosing the font because fonts are the second important thing in the webpage. Use simple fonts to display your contents and don’t make the size too small. Use two to three font style in the website (using of two fonts are the most recommended font style.)

Many number people may visit your website even visually impaired people might visit your site, so add some special features in the font to help them to know what the website is about and how useful it is.

Responsive / Mobile Version

Most of the time people visit website via mobile phones and tablets,so make it as Responsive to support all kinds of mobile devices. Using Responsive may results in pixel perfect in the dimensions. 

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