Web development in 2023 introduces some exciting features with frontend frameworks and libraries. In this article, we mentioned some of the most popular Javascript front-end libraries and frameworks used for website development.

With the gaining popularity of Javascript, lots of new libraries getting introduced in the recent past. React Js and Angular Js are commonly discussed names among front-end frameworks. However, many other web development JS libraries are available in 2023.

Like all other technology stacks, overstocks-end frameworks and libraries have their own advantage and disadvantages. Evaluate your project requirement and choose the best possible web development framework.

Best Javascript Frontend Frameworks for Web Development

Best Javascript Frameworks

Check out the top top-rated End frameworks in 2023 for website development.

React Js

React Js Web Framework

React Js is the most popular Javascript library which is widely used in many websites worldwide for web design. Created by Facebook back in 2013, React js is considered one of the best Frontfront-from works for website development.

React is widely known for its Virtual Dom which operates required files in the components resulting more efficient in performance. This library is suitable for building medium to large applications.

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Launched in: 2013
  • Created by: Facebook
  • GitHub stars: 200,000 and more. (as of 2023)

Popular apps built with React Js: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and more.

Angular Js

Angular JS Web Framework

Google-owned Angular Js is prominently known for its well-structured front-end framework for web development. Angular Javascript framework is considered the first choice for building large-scale applications because of its two-way data binding and dependency injection process.

Compared with other frond-end website frameworks, Angular is highly known for extensive testing support. The community support for the google backed framework is large as its widely opted by many tech giants for larger applications.

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Launched in: 2010
  • Created by: Google
  • GitHub stars: 89,000 and more. (as of 2023)

Popular apps built with Angular Js: Google, Microsoft, IBM, and more.

Vue Js

Vue Js Web Framework

Vue Js is another popular javascript framework that is considered to be the best alternative for both React Js and Angular Js. Started in 2014, Vue.Js is gained huge attention among the tech community for its excellent performance.

Some of the major reason to choose Vue Js is its Flexible and Intuitive Syntax and efficient virtual dom implementation.

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Launched in: 2014
  • Created by: Evan You
  • GitHub stars: 200,00 and more. (as of 2023)

Popular apps built with Vue Js: Alibaba, Xiaomi, and more.

Ember Js

Ember Js Web Framework

Founder in 2011, Ember.Js is an open-source Javascript framework widely known for its convention-structured development. Ember is rated is a highly matured and stable framework compared with other Javascript platforms.

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Launched in: 2011
  • Created by: Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale
  • GitHub stars: 22,000 and more. (as of 2023)

Popular apps built with Ember Js: Apple Music, Linkedin, Netflix, and more.

Backbone Js

Backbone Js Web Framework

Backbone Js is an emerging Frontend JS framework prominently known for its lightweight and flexible architecture. According to industrial experts, Backbone Js is highly recommended for small-scale front-end projects with specific requirements.

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Launched in: 2010
  • Created by: Jeremy Ashkenas
  • GitHub stars: 28,000 and more. (as of 2023)

Popular apps built with Backbone Js: Airbnb, Pinterest, Foursquare, and more.

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