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Get the best user experience by creating fast-loading, dynamic, and interactive Angularjs applications with the help of Smarther. As we are the leading Angularjs development company, we provide qualified Angularjs development services for web and mobile. We build the apps with the technology of Angularjs and deliver them with high performance and quality.
used smartphone platform.

Angularjs development company:

Angularjs is an open-source and structural javascript-based web framework for dynamic web apps and is it maintained by Google. To build high-performing, and feature-rich web applications, this MVW(model-view-whatever) based front-end development framework is used. It increases the HTML language features with directives and combines data using expressions. Angularjs assists the developers to solve the problems faced in the web app development process.

As Smarther is the best Angularjs development company, to create fast-loading web apps, uses splitting technology from Angularjs. Our experienced developers develop mobile apps using Angularjs technology with scalability, adaptability, and security.

Why choose Angularjs development services?

As Angularjs is developed and maintained by Google, it is best for aspiring Javascript web and mobile apps. By giving a solid architecture and detailed guidelines, it simplifies front-end development. Angularjs has come out as one of the most preferred frameworks for multiple reasons:

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      • Simplified MVC architecture:

      Angularjs uses MVC architecture that splits the web app into elements and helps to save developers time and for building robust and interactive web apps.

      • Simple and less coding:

      Angularjs is based on HTML enabling developers, for creating visually-attracting interactive web application’s user interfaces. As it uses less coding, there is no need to spend time on the large and complex process.

      • Cross-platform:

      To build cross-platform web applications, in Ionic for mobile apps, and in Electron for desktop apps, you can choose Angularjs web development services.

      • Great for single-page apps:

      You can invest in an Angularjs web app development company for building a fast-loading single-page app for your product or service.

      • Best for Test-First Approach:    

      We trust in receiving a test-driven development approach to ensure error-free at the deployment time, being a reliable Angularjs development company.

      • High speed and performance:    

      Angularjs notably reduces the page load time, which enhances the user experience and navigation, by implementing different web techniques.

      • Fast development:

      Developers can deliver any project at a higher speed, with MVC architecture implementation, and agile testing.

      • Flexible development:    

      The declarative paradigm makes the code lightweight, and simple to understand for the developers. Instead of showing all the results, only desired results are shown.

      • Two-way data binding:    

      Angularjs allows developers to write simple two-way data-binding events in jquery. Based on your view using HTML, JavaScript MVC libraries offer a more declarative way of connecting models. 

      • Development-friendly data model:    

      Angularjs framework offers the flexibility for the developers to add and modify properties on it directly and loop over objects and arrange them as needed. Angularjs has data models which are plain old Javascript objects. Angular POJO model makes the code cleaner, natural, and easy to understand.

      Angularjs development services:

      We are offering Angularjs web development services and solutions with a wonderful look and flawless performance, as the best Angularjs development company. Our experienced experts are having the knowledge and experience in the complete set of JavaScript technologies. We develop highly interactive, and speed applications that are easy to maintain and attract and retain more customers. We are also providing Angularjs development services to clients all over the world. Our services are,

      • Angularjs consulting:    

      You can enjoy the Angularjs technology with the help of our Angularjs developers who understand the business requirements and work closely with you.

      • Angularjs web application development:

      We create dynamic, fast-loading, and scalable web applications to satisfy your business-specific goals and needs.

      • Custom Angularjs development:    

      In JavaScript technologies, we use our expertise and domain experience, to build a custom Angularjs app that is suitable for your business requirements and vision.

      • Angularjs mobile app development:    

      As we are an eminent Angularjs mobile app development company. We help businesses to smooth their functions with high-performing, custom, and scalable mobile app solutions created using Angularjs technology, Angularjs API development:

      Clients who keep all their specific needs of business in mind by our team of Angularjs developers who offers high-performing, scalable API development.

      • Social Apps developments:

      Our AngularJS developers consistently enhance the best-in-class social networking websites, platforms, and web applications.

      • E-Commerce Application development:

      Our developers are creating secure, optimized, and flawless E-Commerce apps that are efficiently driving high-volume traffic using AngularJS.

      • Chatbot application development:

      Our AngularJS developers can make robust and intelligent chatbots apps that suit the existing project.

      • Migration and Upgrade Services:    

      Our expert team of AngularJS developers effectively migrate your existing app from other platforms to AngularJS and also the latest version of AngularJS can be upgraded.

      • Progressive web app development:    

      As a leading and professional AngularJS web and mobile app development company, we are the best in Progressive web and mobile app development services and solutions. We also make UI/UX design that charms your customers.

      • Single-page application development:

      The latest routing in AngularJS allows our developers for building dynamic, fast-loading, and secure single-page apps that create a joyful user experience.

      • Reusable component development:

      Our AngularJS development team creates directives to make new HTML syntax and develop reusable elements to hide complex DOM structure, CSS, and behavior.

      Process of AngularJS web app development:

      We deliver the high-end solutions on time by following the perfection from the stage of requirement gathering to the maintenance stage.

      Step 1: Gathering the requirements

      Our team initially gather requirements and analyze them. Once analyzed, prepare the document for all the requirements and sent it to the client for approval which is important.

      Step 2: UI/UX design

      After, getting approval from the client, our designers create wireframes and prototypes and integrate all the workable features and functionalities to develop an intuitive interface that delivers an improved user experience.

      Step 3: Development

      Based on the design, Our team will develop the app by coding.

      Step 4: Testing and Q/A

      We perform agile and extensive testing to detect errors and bugs. It is used to identify the bugs that obstruct the web app’s performance while using it.

      Step 5: Deployment and maintenance

      The app is deployed at the client-server, once all the errors are checked and fixed in the testing stage. Regular updates and maintenance are performed.

      Why choose Smarther for AngularJS web app development?

      Smarther offers web and mobile app development, Offshore development, web design, SEO services, and E-commerce all over the world. Our expert team who have more expertise and over 10 years of experience handling simple to complex mobile projects. We ensure that our developed mobile and web solution heighten your businesses to the peak.

      • Experience: We are having the most proficient, intelligent, and tech-savvy mobile app developers. Out developers have more knowledge of multiple platforms or frameworks used for mobile development. We are developing and delivering high-performing solutions for web and mobile app development with a team of dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers.
      • For every platform we deliver in-built browser support: With the innovative and creative ideas that need a high level of strategy, design, and ad development, we are delivering an extraordinary mobile app development service. We are completely targeting on client’s goals and needs.
      • Certified Programmers: Our highly experienced team of professionals reduces the time taken for the development process than other developers. Our hired developers are qualified by corporate trainers with specialized courses in mobile development.
      • Powerful communication skills: We allow our developers to communicate with clients directly to understand the queries asked by the client. We are experts in understanding the need of clients by communicating in technical or non-technical mode. We are getting the client’s feedback on our 24/7 service.
      • Developing mobile user-focused interfaces: Mobile channel effectiveness is measured by user satisfaction, adoption, and retention. There is no business case for implementing it in the first place, if people don’t use it, like it, and adopt it. User-centered design is the important foundation on which a mobile channel is made and run successfully.

      Beyond the domain of greenfield advancement, multiple companies are starting currently to hold onto AngularJS as a suitable decision. Many tech giants like Amazon, Google, Udemy, and more all have AngularJS as an important part of their tech stack. As we are the leading AngularJS development company, you can hire our developers for your successful business requirement. We convert your ideas into the app as you need.


      Customized Services We Offer

      • Android App UI/ UX
      • Native & Hybrid App Development
      • App Programming with latest tools
      • Testing for flawless performance
      • Bug free App Development
      • Guaranteed Approval on Play store
      • Application Re-design
      • 24/7 Maintenance & Support


      Focusing Technical Aspects

      • Android SDK
      • Location based services
      • Third Party Integration
      • In-app purchase
      • Restore/ backup
      • Social-Media Integration
      • Admob Integrations
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