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High Quality Apps

App Store gives more priority to the apps which is of High Quality . Because Users downloads those kinds of Apps , so If You are about to Develop an App , Develop it with Very High Quality

Native Apps

Apple wants applications created exclusively for them, not cross-platform ones. If you want to fight for being featured in the App Store – focus on iOS platform and build a tailor-made native app.

Keep it up to date

Apple has really bonded with Apps having frequent updates so make this as your advantage and update your app twice in a month.

Example: add new features to the app for occasions like new year , christmas etc….

Good App Description

While uploading your app in App Store, Short and Long Description about the app should be described attractively . The First thing user notice About an App is their Descriptions. So make good description

Use new Technology

Google releases tons of apps each year, such as Firebase and Google Maps SDKs to developers to make use of them. They want developers to use these technologies and APIs.They always tend to promote apps using these new technologies because by that they’re not only promoting these apps, but also promoting the recently released technologies.

Android Friendly

Each android versions have its Own Functionalities and limitations so Support as many Android phones as you can, as GPU hardware differs between devices and that may cause bugs to happen.

Social Media Marketing

Try to promote your mobile app before and after the launch. More downloads and good rates (assuming your application is a high quality one) will increase your chances of getting featured in Google Play.  

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