The 2016 is all set to wrap and we have experienced some of the interesting mobile apps and games for first time. Globally the number of smart phones users has increase to new height in 2016. Same as the number of mobile applications and games in play store doubled than previous year. Here are the list of some of the interesting and most popular mobile app & games which released in 2016.

Top 5 Mobile Apps of 2016 

Pocket Casts 6.0

Pocket Casts is an awesome podcast player for Android and iOS. The application got a noteworthy overhaul in 2016 and this was made accessible for nothing to exist clients. It got a superb new dim subject and permits you to help vocals and trim quiet while podcasts.

Pocket Casts


It appeared out of nowhere and became a viral sensation in no time. Prisma adds channels to make your photograph resemble a composition. Nobody could’ve anticipated how prevalent it’d ended up. It turned into an enormous hit maybe in light of the fact that it frequently positively affects selfies and many individuals keep on using this application for that.



Apple’s default keyboard works for most people but it could do with features such as better prediction. There are a few outsider options accessible and the best is presumably Gboard. Accompanies worked in Google look, gif seek, and is maybe the best console application for iPhone.


This expense tracking app has been around for some time, but the demonetisation chaos brought it into the spotlight. Walnut makes it simple to discover ATMs that have money. To a great degree helpful when a great many people have no money and most ATMs have long snake-like lines.


Pigment brings colouring books for adults to your smartphone. Grown-up shading books are very costly in the event that you purchase the print releases, yet in the event that you’ve never attempted it and aren’t certain what the complain is about, Pigment is the application you require.

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Top 5 Mobile Games of 2016 

These are the best games for smartphones and tablets released in 2016.

  • Reigns
  • Pokemon Go
  • Deus Ex Go
  • Mini Metro
  • Severed
  • Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Which are your favourite apps and games released in 2016? Let us know via the comments.

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