Mobile App Localization

Why Mobile App Localization? If you want to conquer foreign market then you should localize your mobile application. This is true for both iOS and Android operating systems.

The demand for mobile app in market is more than what you think. Smartphone users are literally installing every kind of application from play stores. From updating status in Social media to organizing bank account everything managed to access by using apps. If you have created successful app for specific local market, then you have huge chance to make it global hit by making mobile app localization.

Here are some of the reasons to localize your mobile app. Localizing your app for Android and iOS worldwide will give you:

Access To A Global Market

If you think world’s most app users from states, then its absolutely wrong. More than half of the mobile subscribers are located in Asia/pacific region. So creating an mobile app in one language will greatly affect your global market.

Unlimited Sales

The total number of smartphone users will be expected to hit around 4.77 billion globally in 2017. So, the market for creating your idea into successful app in foreign market chance is possibly high.

A Worldwide Hit

According to the studies, More than 90% of mobile activities are depending completely by applications. But most of the apps are been downloaded and deleted in a few mintues. So optimum localization is not much required.

Increased ROI

As per resource, The companies with localizing the mobile app has seen 128% of downloads in app store past year. So with the proven number and global customers, considering Mobile App Localization is important nowadays.

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