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Create An Account

Before publishing your app, you have to create a separate Google account for your app. Once you created, you have to pay a small amount to google in order to activate that account , after your transaction a confirmation mail will be sent to confirm your transaction.

Familiarise Yourself With Developer Console

Developer Console is the important tool for Uploading app in the play store.Before Publishing the app know about developer console.

Fill The Necessary Account Details

Fill the Details of Your  Name and other details which is to be displayed in the play store , after filling all the required details you have to wait for 48 hours to display these details in play store.

Link Your Merchant Account

if the app which you developed is a paid app then you have to link your google merchant into this profile. This will be used for transaction purpose of the payment of the app.

Upload Your Apk File

After logged into the Developer Console, click on Add New Application in the All Applications tab. Select the correct Language from the list and then type the Title of the app  which is your app’s name with which it will appear in the Play Store.

After this, select the Upload APK button to land on a new page, which would be the homepage for your app. Here upload the.apk file of your app.

Alpha beta testing of your app

Before launching the app in play store you have to test the app with various user in order to find the reviews . Alpha , Beta testing options will be available in the apk section of developer console .using that , you can release the alpha , beta testing version of the app for user to download

Store Listing 

This is the most important part of apps in the play store , after uploading your apk go to STORE LISTING tab . There you can find some descriptions like

  • Short Description
  • Full Description
  • Contact Details
  • Category
  • Screenshot Of The App
  • Video Url Of The App

Pricing & Distribution Details 

After Finishing the Above Process go to Pricing & Distribution tab . if your app is free then select free checklist else select the paid checklist . Choose the countries in the list to show your app those countries alone. Apps will be showed to the countries which you are selected in the distribution list

Publishing the app

After finishing all Process you need to do is, click the “Publish this app” button to Publish your app in the Play Store .Once your app is published, you can update it any time .You can even make changes with the pricing, configuration and distribution options at any time.

Device Filtering

This device filtering is used to avoid negative feedback by manually and keeps your account in the top.

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