New Android Nougat Features

Android nougat is the brand new upgraded firmware of Google’s Android OS. Recently the Android N has officially announced as ‘Nougat’ and the final release expected to launch on October 2016. From the preview of Android N, the general explanation about the version has revealed. Hope the final release will include all exciting features which announced in preview.

What is Nougat? – ‘Nougats are a series confections made using sugar, honey, roasted nuts and chopped candied fruits.’

Here is the top 10 latest Features of New Android Nougat

1. Multi-tasking

Android N has introduced multi-tasking feature in its latest release, which enables users to work over two operation with help of split screen operation. This was productively designed for the Pixel C Tablet. However, the operation will also perform on smart phones. ‘Quick Switch’ is the new option to operate the function of split screen.

2. Functional Notifications

The notification alerts on android smart devices will change completely by adding structural and appearance development. For making menus better than latest version, Small icons and full width design makes good space management. By pressing notification menu, it enables complete control over alert setting of each mobile application.

3. Setting Menu

Setting menu has been reproduced with a few new capacities. You will see the main thing at the highest point of the menu, now you can propose new switches to the menu before beginning work with your new gadget, for example, email accounts, online networking records and voice charges.

4. Change Display Size

This component will assistance you to transform the screen span for on screen substance. This is also called as evolving showcase DPI. You might progress these settings through settings show a show span.

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5. Data Saver Feature

This characteristic will assistance you on oversee your information utilization. At the “Data Saver” is enabled it will hinder foundation syncing Furthermore When you would associated with An Wi-Fi organize it will start syncing once more.

6. Background Update

Clinched alongside past variants from claiming Android you will make notified for updates Also you must sit tight for a few minutes to finish those download and introduce those overhaul. Be that as Android nougat downloads the updates At you are associated with Wi-Fi and it will make introduced under an additional segment.

7. Night Mode

This characteristic is focused with those Apple’s “Night Shift” characteristic. Taking a gander at An brilliant show light during happen a few eye disorders, this characteristic will assistance you Eventually controlling brilliance Also transforming screen under yellow when you’re utilizing your gadget during night.

8. Block Annoying Numbers

Call blocking work need been included of the bisexuality nougat. Framework level rundown could make upheld for this characteristic. Those rundown will exist as in length Concerning illustration the gadget may be working. Stock dialer app, SMS app Also diverse applications dependent upon the carrier can be facilitate with the call blocking.

9. Do not disturb mode

You might aggravate a few settings in regards to those volume settings from claiming your gadget. Different prioritized assignments might a chance to be allocated Eventually settling on a few taps for your gadget. This will permit you should fix preset times to initiate don’t aggravate mode Also deactivate it over.

10. Pin apps to share through Social Media

Android Nougat permits you to stick applications to the sharing applications list. Just thing you have to do is long pushing on the craved application, favored application will be pop out toward the start of the sharing rundown. You don’t have to look over the chaotic rundown to choose the best application as your own will.

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