android App Development Cost

The number of android users has increasing day to day and demand created by technology is enormous. With huge market across globe mostly businesses prefer mobile application for product sale & services to reach out customers easily. While compare with iOS mobile operating system Android development is lesser in cost.

The cost of developing android mobile app depends on various factors from design, functionality, third party integration, time frame, maintenance and much more. So how to code a budget for app development? Here we analyze some of the factors on which android app cost dependent on.

Increases Brand Recognition More the user are visiting the application more they wanted to purchase the app.

Value to the Customers

The actual mobile application is doing favour to the users. Many mobile apps provides instant feedback, offers and good customer support through various programs. More are the downloads, more are the customers.

Another Sales Channel

It offers data to its clients with the applications, all readily available, comprehensive of extraordinary deals and also advancements. Coordinate connection is built up with the push notices, along these lines reminding the clients about your items and administrations.

Accessibility to Customers at all Times

The normal time spent by the clients, spending behind the versatile applications is expanding step by step. The clients for the most part look over their gadgets, while hunting down their preferred significant applications and the data gets enlisted in their oblivious personalities.

Engaging the Customers The messaging feature in the app impacts on the way of communication with the customers.

Cost Factors of Android App Development

There are many costing factors needed to consider while developing android application.


There is a restriction on developing an android app. The development cost ranges from $1500 to $10000, the budget of customized android application development costs from $20000 and above. The long term app maintenance and support will cost more from your end.

Platforms and Devices Supported

The decision of the stage for advancement of versatile applications chooses the improvement time and cost of the Android applications. A ton relies on upon the sort of Android applications created. The local applications are more costly to grow, yet are premium items, with better execution and exceptionally characterized highlights.

Higher Cost

The application advancement cost for the Android stage will be higher, with a 40 % more code and a 30 % expansion being developed time. The Android applications are composed with Java, with more instructional words and in this manner the quantity of mistakes increment the ideal opportunity for improvement. Additionally, the Android emulators are slower than the relating iOS emulators, including greater improvement hours.

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