Google I/O 2017

The annual developer conference, Google I/O 2017 has been conducted recently. The event held at Shoreline Amphitheatre near its headquarters in Mountain View. Google made some of the interesting announcement in the event. Check out below for 10 biggest announcements from Google I/O 2017: Highlights.

1.) Android O

The next version of Android ‘O’ is now available for public beta and developer preview download. In the conference, It is highlighted that development of Android O will optimize better battery life, device start up time and graphical rendering time.

2.) Android Go

Google also announced Android O, which is lighter version of new version Android O. Android Go is specially launching for developing countries which will provide better performance with less data usage in small devices.

3.) Support for Kotlin

Google also revealed its native support for programming language Kotlin in developers conference. Kotlin is a new emerging language that will short out certain issues of Java. With Kotlin we can expect fixes and stable codes.

4.) Google Lens

Google Lens is the top highlighted announcement from Google I/O 2017. The new technology Google Lens which is powered by Artificial intelligence (AI). Now computers can understand your photo and video. With the help of camera, Google Lens now understand any object and then take further actions to do.

5.) Android Instant Apps

New Android Instant Apps has been annnounced in I/O 2017. Instant Apps is new app technology which works by clicking on the link. These apps need not to download from play stores. Instant apps will make the apps more popular.

6.) Email Smart Reply

Google will bring new smart reply option for your Gmail apps in Android and ios. The new machine learning development will suggest three automatic option to reply for email. The feature now avilable in English, soon releasing in other languages.

7.) Google Assistant for ios

Google Assistant now avilable for iOS users. The voice assistant app which is launched for android last year now available for iphone users. Which is however not going to replace Siri in anytime soon.

8.) Google Home is Your New Landline

Your Google Home Device will soon act as your landline telephone over Wi-Fi. All you would need to state is “Call Mom” and you would be associated with your mother through a private number.

9.) Google’s Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Google has been chipping away at a remote, independent, independent Virtual Reality headsets. They are likely going to be propelled in the later piece of this current year 2017.

10.) Youtube’s SuperChat

Google has reported another SuperChat API for Youtube. SuperChat enables clients to pay a specific measure of cash to empower their talks to appear on in the live SuperChat interface amid a livestream.

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