What were the greatest website architecture patterns of 2017, and what will be enormous in 2018? As the year attracts to a nearby, we asked driving planners and studio heads to share their perspectives, points of view and forecasts.


Animations have seen enormous growth in  this year; they’ve truly been taken to the website design and trends to another level.Animations are used to project their companies brand and value.

At present animations are seen everywhere like in company logos , sites descriptions , website icons and so on. Video and GIF of very high quality of file tends to working on a continuous cycle offer a real smooth visual pleasure for our eyes are considered as a popular way of adding some drama and movement to pages.

Unbelievable colors

There is a huge transformation of colors over past years. Before that soft and mild colors were used , soon after when instagram changed its color , icons and layout design every other competitors started to adapt those changes in their websites. So even now color will plays a major role in 2018.

Unusual typography

Just like colors , typography also gonna plays a major role in design transformation.  The way that gadget resolutions are getting more keen, amping up the legibility  factor, is additionally opening the entryway for an ascent in custom text styles. “Architects are deciding on typography with huge amounts of identity for accentuation, as well as for tasteful impact. The greater part of this, in addition to the dramatization managed by curiously large typefaces, demonstrates that 2018 won’t all be about nuance, and we can hope to see strong patterns keep on developing.

Data Storytelling

We’ve seen a blast in animated visualisations and an expanded hunger for information portrayal from a 3D viewpoint. Developers and architects are thinking a way beyond to capture the attentions of audiences to make the website designing trend to another level. When it comes to Data Storytelling it is all about Augmented Reality(AR) , Virtual reality(VR) and 360° videos.

Predictions of web trends

Some Other Web trends of 2018 are:

  • Flat design
  • Gradients
  • Shadows
  • Parallax
  • Intensive graphics
  • Stock images
  • Pop-up window 
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