Web Trends 2017

Content Layout – Big, bold type  

The most important thing to remember while designing is that the content should be perfect that it should not slow down the readers in anyways. The content should be center of attraction of the webpage .“big” and “bold” doesn’t necessarily refer to the weight of the font ,  it’s about dedicating the statement about the product or service.

“Being Bold is Beautiful” 

Grid by example 

For the past few years, web design layout has been constrained by CSS’s limitations, but new tools like flexbox and CSS grid will allow for much more expressive layouts on the web.Our main challenge now is to understand these new web layout methods in the world of responsive design.

Constraint -based design tools 

Responsive design has completely transformed in a way that it is absolutely easy to use.A new wave of design tools (such as Figma) that use the idea of constraints the amount of that designers have to do while developing a layout.These tools focus on the spatial relationships between elements and strive to preserve them as composite elements are resized by devices and users. 

More and brighter color 

In least few cases, bright, bold color became the most preferred color.As you can see, it’s not just about bright, enthusiastic color either.

Content delivery & personalization

One consequences of an increased focus on design leads to effective content delivery to the right persons at the right time.Personalization of content has been an extremely hot topic nowadays.

  • Demographics: Who is the visitor (professionally and/or personally) and where are they coming from?
  • Behavior: What is the visitor doing now? What have they done on your site in the past?
  • Context: What device and browser is the visitor using? How did they arrive at your site? Are they logged in or logged out?

Unique layouts

By designing website in unique design it will grab the attention and will be popular among the all other high quality websites. To create unique layout , designer must be known all trending apps , technologies and features.   

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