Worthy Ecommerce Website

On average, it only takes someone a few seconds to determine whether they want to stay or leave your website—which can be the difference between a sale you’ve been waiting for, or the loss of a customer.

1) Creative and stunning design

Most of the people prefer Ecommerce stores with creative design . your website should have high infrastructure design and high quality . It should be in a way that people would feel safe and secure in your site

2) Best product

To increase the customers, you should sell the best product in the industry . 90% of the people choose the stores which have the high quality product . “more the product quality is good , more the customers attracts towards it”

3) 24*7 availability

You should be available to the customers when they need you the most .

  • Live chat
  • Help desk
  • e-mail marketing / queries

4) Store’s rank

Your Ecommerce store should be in top 10 ranks around your limits. Because ranking decides the customers preference to choose

5) Views and Reviews

Company’s reviews and client testimonial should be update regularly so that the customers can able to know about others reviews about your company. if those reviews are good enough to grab the customers then your Ecommerce store will be in high peak amongst of all other ecommerce stores.

6) Certificate of trust

In order to grab the attentions of the customers , third party’s certification about your store should be placed in your company’s site.

7) Transaction process

Transaction process should be as easy as possible and it should be end to end transaction . After the transaction is made the product should be delivered to the customers at the right time.with every delivered product , a certificate should be sent saying that the “product is safe”

8) Return policy

Just like buying , retutning of the product should be made easy without any delays.

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