2017 is nearing its end. With the changing of next year, it is the best time to consider the SEO trends of 2018. There are trends that are highly suspected to take us in a new path and some of our current working principles will be reinforced. Here are the top 15 SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) trends in 2018.

1. VOICE SEARCH – Voice search leads around 20% of online searches and research says around 2020 this may reach up to 50%. This voice search feature brings, to focus more on long tail keywords.

2. USER EXPERIENCE –  A good user experience improves the chances of visitor engagement with the website. Google favors websites that give its users a very good engaging experience. On the other hand, the website which fails to give a user-friendly feature will result in a drop in search engine rankings and poor website results. When the website quality increases globally, user expectations will also keep in increasing simultaneously, so be mindful in making your website a user-friendly one.

  3. SEO FRIENDLY CONTENT – Content is one of the most prevalent factors in ranking and it is the king.  Unique and readable contents always play a vital role. High standard of content is one of the most important factors in 2018.

4. LINK BUILDING – Link building will become one of the important aspects in 2018 by building of quality links. Build authority with high-quality links. Create links from the industry that are relevant. It deals with Guest blogging, building links without disturbing the brand names. The spammy attempt is warned by Google back in May.

5. RANKING POSITION –  Google speeds up its factors in giving the needed information that users want. And this is the reason behind the extra fluff on 1st page.

6. CLICK THROUGH RATE ADVANCEMENT – Position 0 is occupied by ads and featured snippets. This creates an issue for organic results they get buried and pushed back by the ads. So there is a need to occupy the zero position in order to get good click-through rate.

7. LOCAL SEO –  For all the business holders, position 0 is one of the most important places in search results.  Snippets are like billboards: bright logo, big letters, phone numbers, address, reviews. 

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8. PAY PER CLICK WITH SEO –  Not only the promoted snippets crab users attention from organic results. The PPC – Pay Per Click ads, too. Many of the business return organic results in a good way.

9. CONTROLLING AND CONSTRUCTING CONVERSION RATES –  when our keywords rank improve than yesterday then it is always a joy.  This can be compared to monitoring your conversion rates growth. Attach a UTM tracking code to get a report of how well your page converts. And check everything in Google Analytics.

1o. MOBILE FRIENDLY SITES –  The growth of mobile phones promises to be prosperous and long. We doubt large screens will disappear and will see more small screens in upcoming future. So, it is more important to make your website look good on all displays.

11. IMAGE OPTIMIZATION –  many search engines have an image search function.search engines are willing to improve it. They are improving their visual search capabilities to get better visual search results.

12.ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES –  In general, a good loading speed is an incredible thing, it is not just for mobile-friendly sites. If a site loads for a too long time, it makes users lose patience and this results in high bounce rate.

13. FROM HTTP TO HTTPS  – Still many websites are not done with this feature. This made a lightweight factor by Google in 2014. They marked HTTP sites to be a non-secure site, making users scare to use the website and this going to be another important factor in 2018.

14.VIDEO CONTENT – Internet is always crazy about video content.  A HubSpot study indicates that around 40% of people want more of online, and this is expected to reach around 80% by 2020.

15. GAINING USER TRUST – It is not mean that your website will get clicks if it is on Google page 1. There are also other options. If your brand was more observable then there are chances to improve.

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