For any business, high conversion landing pages will be benefit. On optimizing the landing page we can improve conversions exponentially. Higher conversion rates makes more customers for business, with more customer we can gain more profit potential for business.

Landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. Before implementing a landing page, one should know about whtat they are, and also have some knowledge to create effective landing page. In other words, Landing pagas are the single web page which contains the list of forms that inspires your customers to go further for business. Some of the elements should Test When you have poor landing page conversions. 



1.) Website Loading Speed

How many seconds do you wait for a web page to load? Guess, only for few seconds. For improving landing page conversation one should optimize loading speed. Interestingly, the conversion rates can lift by 74% by improving your load time from 8 to 2 seconds. The major reason for poor loading speed of landing page caused by few factors as mentioned below.

  • Hosting Srvices
  • Using sliders and Javascript effects
  • Excess images


2.) Landing Page Design

For converting the visitors to our clients, the landing page should build with effective and optimized design. It really tooks very few second for a visitor to identify whether to choose our service. If the landing page design with irrelavent content may lead to give the impression of a scam. With this issue the sale or serive can be completely affected.

In order to acquire reliablility with customers, the design should impress them on the very first sight. For quality design and conversion, the required elements should position on place without any over dose of advertisement.


3.) 5 second rule

Yes, The ‘5 Seconf Rule’ definitely applicable for a landing page. You have got maximum of 5 seconds to impress and draw in your consumer. If your page doesn’t appeal immediately, your prospect will leave to other pages – maybe even your competitor’s! The best practice for optimizing the rule, The speed of page should be recuded to minimum size in order to quick load. Irrelavent scripts and images are advised to avoid for improving speed of the site.


4.) Know your customer

In order to design and create a fully optimized landing page, you need to know who it is you’re marketing to. Make a list of demographics for your target market, or even write out a number of buyer personas that detail the daily behaviours of your intended consumer.

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5.) Contact information

Don’t hide from your customer if you want their business. In the landing page we should provide required contact information such as details address, mobile number and other social media info. Have to show your visitors that you’re customer friendly in order to convertion them for business. Use “you” in your landing page copy. Think of your landing page as a place where someone is visiting you in-person.


6.) Use of Keywords

The URL path of your landing page should include your keywords. No, it’s actually not that hard to do. Use your keyword phrases (like, what your offer is about) in the text of your page. Think of this as how to speak to Google, just like you speak to your customer to tell them what you’re about. 


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