App Store Optimization

An Average 2371 apps are published each and every day, in which Android has 47%, iOS -41%. It is so easy that your app can get lost in the competition, if your are using  mobile app for your business and you must need to understand the ways of marketing your app. This can be done with ASO – App Store Optimization.

Keep Keywords within 100 characters

App store allows you to add keywords in your app store listing so it is necessary that keywords should be less than 100 characters , because using long tail keywords, plurals, name of your app, or misspellings in the keyword field might leads to decrease in Keyword optimization. Therefore  use Separate keywords with commas, and don’t use spaces.

Make your app title description within 50 characters

Unless you are is famous , your app won’t have any recognition among users. So it is important to use your app keyword to portray the functionalities of your app to the users.

In Order to grab the attention of everyone , use catchy description with small phrases and  functionalities

Choose desired categories of your app

iOS and Google Play App Store search algorithms and also looks at the categories while displaying results to users. While choosing categories, focusing on the core functionality of your app should be your primary goal

For instance, Instagram is ordered in Photos and Video, while Facebook is arranged as Social Networking, despite the fact that both have a noteworthy cover in functionalities, and clients view Instagram as an informal organization now.

Keep your app description user friendly

App descriptions are important in telling people what your app actually does. Here are a few tips for making your app descriptions better:

  • Use bullet points and break up paragraphs.
  • Use social proof (press coverage, user testimonials)
  • List out benefits and use cases..
  • Add information about version number, changes made in the new update, bug fixes etc
  • Append links to website or support.

Create screenshots to show off your best features

According to research by Storemaven, 60% of users won’t swipe past the first two screenshots. So, make those two screenshots count. These, combined with your app icon, are the only visuals you provide to users.

  • Submit hi-res screenshots.
  • Show off the best features of your app in the first two images
  • Use overlay text and annotations to improve messaging
  • Use a plain background for better readability
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