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For every small business and startup, the most important step to begin is to establish their brand among audience. Since small business mostly don’t have big resources to run marketing campaign. That’s why many of you start small and begin with what you have got.

Internet is the best place to begin your marketing which does not cost much for reaching out your customer. For making the most out of internet platform you should know the magic of SEO (Search Engine Marketing). For most of the people who looking to know what is SEO?

It is the process of marking a particular website link in first page of search engine for respective keyword entered. By making this possible, most of the business reach out their targeted audience in effective way.

Most important reason to consider SEO for business is to create organic traffic for your website, by which you can reach out targeted audience. Check out following steps to know more about importance of Search engine optimization for small businesses.

Importance of SEO for Small Business

For many Small business owners who have doubt why need to invest in SEO, here is some of the key advantages of the process.

SEO Small Business

1. The higher the search engine rankings, the more sales – When the webpage of your site ranking top in search engine, you will get more traffic for website. By getting high traffic you can convert visitors into customers, which gives you high sales.

2. Low Cost Advertising – While comparing with other commercial medium, SEO considered as low cost marketing. Internet is everything nowadays, so going with digital medium help you to find targeted audience for your business.

3. Social media engagement – Social media is an integral part of many in this digital world. People are like to share more interesting content in sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more. If you have interesting content and well optimized site then it’s easy to share in social platforms. By doing this your brand will get to know by many.

4. SEO builds credibility – The most important part of Search engine optimization process is it has credibility. Search engines are basically automated algorithms, programmed to detect high-quality websites. If you do proper content and SEO, then you will be ranked high ahead of competitors.

5. SEO drives offline sales – This process has the power of driving offline business. When you have good branding and even people don’t visit the link once will recognised and connect while needed.

6. You can measure it – Unless other marketing method, SEO process have the proper way to analyse, measure and report monthly. We can track total number of traffic, sales and other conversion of business.

To achieve above advantages, we need to step up strategy to begin with. Follow below steps for how to build proper SEO optimized webpage.

Steps to start proper SEO for small business

While starting with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are many number of terms which consider by search engines to list your website in first page. To begin your SEO strategy for business, here are some of the most important points which need to consider.

When it comes to search engine, Google is the world most popular search engine which is widely used by billions of people every day. Even though have some other competitors like Yahoo and Bing, Google always consider as best search engine. Their search algorithm presents you the best, most relevant search results.

Business SEO

For doing proper SEO, we need to follow Google’s search engine guidelines along with proper keyword research and content. Follow the below points to kick start your Business SEO.

  • Keyword research

This step is to make sure that the website has the proper words and phrase which you need to rank in search engine. Keyword Search tool will give you an idea about choosing proper keyword to write for.

For this process, there are many free and paid resources available. Google Keyword Planner is consider as best free tool. You can find the average search volume and bid price of the keyword. Choose high volume keyword gives more chance of potential target.

  • Content Creation

Content marketing is the key for SEO puzzle. You need to update your business content in webpage for ranking along with proper placement of keyword and phrase. Search engine like Google will crawl your URL and consider for ranking. The more quality content the page have will get higher chance to rank top in result page.

  • Link building

Link building is the important strategy of this process. After publishing the content with proper keyword placement, you need to build link for that particular webpage. Google always list the site with most number of quality backlink. To generate backlink for website, you can submit the link in sites like Directories, Classifies, social bookmarking sites and more.

  • Competition research

Each word and expression that is shown on the web index comes about pages has an alternate rivalry for you to overcome. Along these lines, it’s a smart thought to begin your exploration here keeping in mind the end goal to know with whom you can stand to contend and where you shouldn’t squander your chance streamlining.

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Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO is another concept which is integral part of Search Engine optimization. For small businesses, Local SEO can create more business by targeting location based audience. Here are some of the steps to follow considering Local SEO.

Create or claim your Google My Business page

Consistency is key

High quality directories

Authentic reviews

On-page optimisation of your listing

High quality inbound links

Local SEO For Business


Small business has huge potential to create more business opportunity by considering SEO process. By this Most customers will find you online which help you get high traffic. Which people often searching you for different keywords, It builds your brand. Finally it’s an affordable option that delivers great results. SEO is not an easy task to consider, so if you don’t have any experience then consider choosing experts who do SEO.

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