Black Hat SEO

You may think that black hat seo may extinct, but in reality it is not and it is getting more stronger. Some of the ways are there to find whether your competitor are following black hat seo

Check their Visibility  –  One of the best way to determine whether your competitors are performing black hat SEO is by checking their visibility. There are numerous tools to find a website Visibility such as Moz, Ahrefs and many.  A sudden decrease in the visibility specifies that your competitor has been  smacked with Google Penalty. By comparing the dates you can conform this by using a tool like Google Grump. It helps in highlighting the Google’s Algorithms.

In the same way similarly a sudden hike in the visibility can also a way of scrutiny.

Similarly, a sudden spike in visibility might be worthy of scrutiny. Make sure, as it can be that your main competitor is following link building to a content management that is newly launched, but, it is good making a note of all your competitors with a significant rises that helps in your further investigations. 

Checking their Backlink Profile –   The backlink profiles of a competitor reveals more about their OFF SEO. Many free and paid tools are there to check the backlink profiles , it gives overall backlinks and the referring domains. Referring domains plays an vital role in backlinks.

  • Quality of Links –  Analyse the websites that links to your competitor

Whether they are quality website ?  ( with minimal ads, low spam score, high page rank and social shares )

They are relevant ?  If the competitor are taking link from their relevant sites or they are irrelevant?

Is there is a good reason behind the backlink or instead just posted to get a link? The more irrelevant or low quality sites linking your competitor, the more they are breaking the rules of SEO.

  • Link Anchor Text – By analysing a competitor it is worth to check the anchor text that they have been used.

This gives : Whether or not they are building link to a valuable asset. 

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Monitor – Monitoring your competitor rankings helps you to find their negative path. If a website ranks well in Google’s result pages and lacks in Facebook metrics  and this indicates something shady. Tools are there to compare organic keywords with facebook metrics. If your competitors are good in ranking but not in facebook metrics this worth indicates their scrutiny.  

Analysing their website – If you notice any sudden increase in rankings of your competitor ? if yes, then there need to be a process of analysing their on page works. Keyword stuffing is one the major things that most of them will follow and it is easily identifiable too. Check the content of the keyword that gets a sudden higher rankings. Keyword stuffing may be reason behind it. The things that may appear are,

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Hidden texts (read more)
  3. Targeting different keywords
  4. Different website structure

Is they actually use black hat seo? –  What are the tactics that results in hack? It is like spam pages were generated within the website and   your competitor might not even know about it. In such cases negative links may built. Check whether the contents in the pages are generating inbound and questionable links. Low quality inbound links may not results in Black hat SEO techniques.

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