Have you dreamed of having an Irona in your life which is a robot maid in Richie Rich cartoon? If you daydream of that then there is a substitute for that is discovered by every home service mobile app development company.  With the help of this handyman app, one can easily find out the certified, expert, and professional service members.  

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We all know how technologies disturbed the traditional industries, but actually not this made the business to the next level which we were unaware of them.  Since millions of people are spending a maximum of their time via touching the mobile application when your business has a mobile application they will surely find your business online and that will increase your profit. 

Nowadays a maximum number of businesses are stepped into developing mobile applications so that people will get themselves easily that traditional business aspects. So that some businesses like food delivery, online shopping, appointment booking, taxi booking, educational apps are becoming on-demand mobile applications with this list a new field is added that is Handyman mobile application.  People have to consult many people just to call and book an appointment with a handyman serviceman like carpenter, designers, house-maids, caretaker, plumber, electricians, and so on. When you own a mobile application for that you will easily earn profit from it. 

Before getting into detail, know about the purpose of the handyman service application. As the name itself says that this the app where you can find a lot of servicemen in a single hand touch.  For illustration, you got a leakage in your home, at that time you have to hire a plumber in your location, unfortunately, you are new to that place and you don’t know anyone at that time, it is very tough to search for a plumber right? To avoid this situation handyman applications are used where you can view a list of professional service person profile so that you can find the perfect one for your AC model and book the member at both convenient times which is failed in the traditional way.  Similarly, these apps help you to fix other house problems. 


  1. Find your consumer need
  2. Research your competitors. 
  3. Punctuality is the key
  4. Proper use of push notification
  5. Believe in the product, not in marketing


Before implementing your idea into the mobile application, you have to find out who is your targeted audience and understand their needs. It is not a tough process, you can easily find this by conducting some researches and surveys to identify exactly what kind of services your audience needs.  After gaining the information you can set your objectives in an effective way to achieve your goals.


After identifying your audience’s needs, keep an eye on your player. The competitor’s work and efforts will guide and motivate you to achieve more also you can analyze and find out the trends and technologies that others are using. This makes a healthy relationship with your consumers.


When it comes to on-demand services, time management is the key factor.  If you are not providing services on the respective period then it will doom your business. When you managed and provide services on or before the fixed time the consumers will surely satisfied with your services and think about your app whenever they are in need and also suggest others install your app.


Pushing notification in an app is a double-edged sword, attractive notification makes your consumer happy and that makes them engage more on using your app and boring notification content leads to uninstalling the application.  Do mindless marketing and provide more pieces of information.


Last but not least you have to believe in your product and not in marketing. You might have spent millions of amounts on the market but the quality of your product is not good then there is no use of unlimited marketing. If the foundation is weak, the structure will surely fall down like the same if the product is not good, it will lead to great losses that you think.


  • One can easily choose professionals based on their experience, certification, and daily, monthly, or yearly analyzes. 
  • One can able to book a serviceman for their work earlier at a convenient time.
  • When the service member accepts the booking request for the consumer it will be notified to the user.
  • The user can able to track the real-time location of the serviceman and the handyman can find the location of the target.
  • The user can pay the amount via multiple payment modes like Credit or Debit card, Paytm, Paypal, and even Cash.
  • The user can easily update the feedback in the form of reviews and ratings.
  • The handyman service app also has customer help and service feature.

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The cost of developing mobile applications like handyman is based on the following criteria.


When you are developing your mobile application in the USA or Europe the cost might be high and when it comes to India, the UK is a little bit low.


The second thing is the cost is based on the app size and the platform, if you are developing an app for both Android and IOS it will be high and if you are developing for one it will below.


Designing is the key factor in estimating the cost. The user-friendly and user-interactive apps are costlier than normal apps.


Whether you are hiring the mobile application company or freelancer the quality is more important.


Home service apps are revolution nowadays. Services like handyman, Task Rabbit, Thumb track are at the best in that track but there are many possibilities to execute and explore. With the proper target audience, feature, and marketing strategy you can achieve success in the handyman app.  Build your handyman service app with the best mobile app development company in Chennai.

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