The on-demand services are reshaping its module even in handyman services. In the fast-moving digital world, everyone has their own responsibilities they have no time to work for other things. 

People know how to repair a tap or roof but they have no time to solve it.  So they call a plumber.  As technology grows, even you can easily solve your house problems by installing a handyman app to call a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and other professional home service members. 

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According to reports, a handyman service market is worth $869.95 billion and annual growth of 52% from 2018-2022.

If you have an idea of developing a handyman service application with the best handyman app development company then read this blog for the app functionality and the features that will make you build successful handyman applications like Uber. 


  • Report from Harvard University, the on-demand apps attracts more 22.4 million consumers annually spending $57.6 billion rates.
  • According to Newyork times, The US online handyman services worth $6000 billion and it increases by 49% in 2021.
  • Statistics state that the global home service market was valued at $281.65 billion in 2018 and it is expected that it would be raise of 18.91% from 2019-2026 and reach $1,133.40 by 2026.


  1. Search Nearby Handyman
  2. Schedule And Cancel  Appointment
  3. Collection Of Tips And Diy Ideas
  4. Multiple Payment Mode
  5. Gps Tracking
  6. AR Based Tester And Tools


If you have an idea of developing a handyman mobile application like the Uber handyman service app, then you have provide seamless search filter option to your consumers.  For example when a user searches a plumber for a specific model pipe, then they have to filter the plumber list in the drop-down at a particular location. 

The search bar with a filter allows the user to easily choose the professional, certified, and experienced plumber, carpenter, electrician for their repair work.  Also, the user can easily eliminate the professionals with their location i.e) if service members have to come from a faraway distance, they can remove them with the help of the search filter. 


When you have a plan to develop a handyman service app, the most prominent function is convenient.  Through the scheduling and canceling of an appointment, the user will feel more comfortable using your app, and also you can manage the data easily. 

For instance, the user booked an appointment with an expert plumber to repair a specific kind of pipe in the evening.  Due to some issues, the user have to leave out that evening.  Using this specialized feature of canceling an appointment the user can easily can that appointment and rebook again at any time without charging a cancellation fee. If your app failed to have this feature, the user have to call the professionalist and cancel the appointment, and not every user felt comfortable with that. 


The video streaming is an interactive app feature and it engages your potential audience.  You can import some technical solving videos and DIY ideas, the audience will easily rectify some small problems at home.  When someone doesn’t know how to fix a pipe with glue they can easily search in the video tutorials and can fix.  For this work calling a plumber is time and money wasted aspect. 

You can charge to watch videos or you can play some ads or you can provide some offers and coups to watch that. Also, you can provide some home decorator DIY ideas, household decor, accessories fitting, house parties, gardening ideas, Halloween house, and many more ideas in the video session. 


When it comes to online service app, payment is the most important thing.  Safe and secured payment mode is the necessary thing for a mobile application. One can easily pay via multiple on-line payment modes for fixing a service member appointment.  In a handyman service app like Uber, the customer can able to bifurcate between tips, payment, and over-time wages in one place.  Also, they can see the history of services that had been done and the payments they made. 

When a consumer pay in an online they can trust the serviceman, if the serviceman hasn’t come they can easily cancel the appointment with the reason and the amount will be refunded. From the perspective of servicemen, they can easily able to get their one-day working wages without any doubt of working at the home. 


Your handyman app should be integrated with a GPS tracking feature.  This makes the app displaying the end-to-end process. With the help of this feature, the serviceman can easily find out the way to reach the customer home, whereas a consumer can easily track the serviceman location.  With this, the user can able to find out whether the serviceman is on the way or not and how much time will be taken for them to reach the home.   

If you are planning to develop a handyman service app like Uber, then GPS tracking is important and you can create a good bridge between the consumer and the serviceman through this feature.  The real-time tracking location is needed when it comes to online service applications. 


When you have an idea of developing a handyman application as a business, then go with the time flow of latest technology.  Integrate Augmented Reality with your handyman application.  When you do so, the customer gets some real-time effects with this. 

For instance, a customer likes to paint their house through handyman app, then they can easily see the color combination for their house in the application via Augmented Reality based paint tester before booking a painter.  With the help of measuring tools, one can easily able to measure the size of small corners and can fix the errors. 

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