As the name describes, the Handyman Clone App is a single platform that allows users to hire handymen for their different household chores. Creating a Handyman clone app has proven to be one of the most useful ideas for Handyman advertising ideas and Handyman marketing projects.

Startup companies and established companies come up with the idea of ​​creating an application to bridge the gap between service providers and users. This is one of the best business plans for Handyman service.Your customers can find and register services such as Beautician, Electrician, Plumbers, Tutors, Babysitters, Pet Walkers, Lawyers, Car-Laundry Services, Cleaning Services, and many more.  

  If you get the right application for your handyman business, you can easily dominate the handyman business world.

First, let’s talk about the features you need to build a successful Handyman clone app.

Search Filter:

If you plan to create a handyman clone app, you need to have a flawless ‘search filter’ to provide a smooth solution to your users at their convenience.

For example, if a user is looking for a specific type of home repair service. You need to create a drop-down search menu in which almost all types of experts have their expertise in the relevant field.

The search and filter feature allows users to find the best professional and certified handyman. Who can provide various services like furniture assembling, cleaning, plumbing services, wall mounting, and more?

If your handyman business is extended to nearby areas and cities, you can incorporate a location map feature with the “find Handyman Near Me”. This way you can save time when you need a quick solution to your customers’ problems.

you can find a handyman in nearby areas by posting demand on the app for handyman jobs.

Prioritize the convenience of the user:

When you decide to build a handyman clone app, the convenience of the users should be the priority.

You need to include reschedule and cancellation features in the application to effectively manage the work changes of your experts.

For a successful Handyman service business, your application must have rescheduling and cancellation features.

Anything can happen at the last minute where users can get stuck in the last minute plan or any emergency. Therefore, your application can cancel or reschedule the appointment.

DIY videos:

Video streaming is a great way to increase app engagement and attract visitors to your digital site.

Since you plan to manage a Handyman clone app, you will need to manage different sections of videos like this.

Your videos can be tutorials and tips because they enlighten the audience with some knowledge.

 Also, short DIY videos can help fix their minute issues.

If you’ve got a creative head with a business mind, you can make good money by uploading DIY videos.

You can charge users for these DIY videos, and with these videos, you can suggest some popular tips on home, home parties, gardening ideas.

GPS tracking feature:

There should be a tracking feature in your handyman clone app because it will increase engagement.

The GPS tracking feature will help to clearly show the end-to-end process, which will build trust between you and the user.

This will allow users to track the professional real-time location and help them estimate the arrival time so they can be sure about the times.

This feature worked best for Uber, Ola, Somato, and many more. So, surely this will work well for your handyman too

Secured payment gateway:

You must have an online payment facility to keep all payment records up to date on your Handyman clone app.

Having a seamless payment gateway not only helps to make a smooth payment transaction but also helps to build a trusting relationship between you and the users.

In addition, service providers guarantee day-to-day pay and safe work. Users can pay in advance and book their preferred handyman for the service they need.

For a successful accounting experience, you need to combine the best handyman accounting software.

It should contain a Handyman Price List Template, Handyman Receipt Template, and Handyman Invoice. If the user does not pay for the service in advance, it will generate an invoice upon completion of the work.

Since the average prices charged for different handyman jobs vary, you should mention the costs to avoid confusion.

Multilingual feature:

If your business is scattered to nearby areas or globally, don’t forget to add a regional language and currency feature.

   This will comfort the users and give more engagement to the application.

Wrapping up:

Handyman Clone app provides a set of features of application development services. However, if you have specific feature requirements, talk to the application development team. 

Today, setting up a business online is easy. With the advent of the Handyman App developers who provide on-demand service application source code, the business will run within a week.


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