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Mobile apps are dominating the world since mobile industry is booming today. Nowadays companies of all sizes are getting benefits by having their own Mobile app. According to a recent survey, around half of the small business will adopt Mobile apps within this year.

To win the mobile users simply having a mobile app is not enough.  Around 6 to 10 apps are being used by a normal man per week. So, the main thing relies on how to make people download your app, and more important thing is, keeping it after installation. The app should be useful, addictive and engaging and it should take part in people’s day to day activity.

The main two metrics are 1.Mobile app Engagement and 2. Mobile app retention, high retention, and engagement make an app more successful. Mobile app Engagement refers to the active users on the app especially the user sessions.  Mobile app retention refers to the total percentage of users who return to the app. The combination of these two metrics determines the apps Stickiness.  A healthy app needs an user engagement and repeated usage.

Think in a way, if the first version of your mobile app just looks good on the exterior, and the following versions to be in a way that should get more user engagements. Main of the goal of your app should make people take immediate actions. As per Google, “micro moments are the battleground for brands”. The term “micro moments “ refers to the reach of customers on their mobile and following are the three needed strategies.

An effective strategy that is useful and engaging, with your application is through Push Notification

Frequency –  To send or not? The answer lies in the understanding of your app’s audience and expectations. By implementing a “preference center” within your mobile app is a good way to find out more about your users. Learn more about your audience to increase your app engagement.

Timing – Focus not only the frequency of push notification but also the time of day. Send messages when users are on their phones and they are active. Perfect times are during lunch, in the evening people will spend more time with their phones. Perform A/B testing and find an idea. After discovering when your maximum users are in your app, separate your audience based upon attributes and improve your response rate.

Content –  Smartphone act as a marketing medium between your app and your customers. Language that conveys relevancy and urgency will bring back more users to your app. Push notification annoys the recipients and in order to overcome this, your content should be more helpful, honest, clear, memorable trendy, funny and empathetic. Since push notification has standardized text format and design limitations, your words need to motivate user action.

Deep Linking –  Deep linking helps in guiding your target audience exactly where you need them to go within your mobile app. It helps users a good experience by decreasing their barriers and making them complete their action.

By improving the art of push notification, your app will result in good mobile engagement.

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