After publishing mobile app it is more important to engage user so long with your app. To keep your audience engage with the app you need to upgrade the app according to user experience and feedback. You need to engage with trend to assure going for update. Major app updates are including new UI design, user experience or else a extra added features in existing app functionality.

There are different sign to identify whether your mobile app/ requires update. Your application may not need to follow all criteria for a update, even a single consideration can help your to upgrade by spending time and effort. Here are some of the points How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update:

Significant App Feature

A less difficult approach to know whether it’s the ideal opportunity for a noteworthy application refresh identifies with the highlights of the application. In the event that you intend to include a huge element that eminently impacts the experience of your application, you may require a noteworthy refresh. A few cases of huge highlights incorporate validation and synchronizing crosswise over gadgets, including a collective or social component, reconciliation with an outsider administration, or changing the application’s income demonstrate.

New App Design

In the event that your application’s outline is going to totally change, regardless of whether it’s the client encounter or visual plan, it’s possible you’ll have to discharge a noteworthy application refresh.

A fairly late case of this approach is the real refresh took off to Gmail for iOS. Rendition 5.0 utilizations Material Design, changes the format, and updates various capacities like pursuit. With that discharge, Google quit utilizing the “4.x” forming. Uber additionally bounced from v2.x to v3.x while discharging its new outline in late 2016.

Underperforming App Metrics

Engagement is a theme we’ve progressively taken a gander at, including pertinent measurements and how to drive better application engagement. In this way, it ought to be nothing unexpected that not hitting your objectives with application engagement or different measurements (e.g., application store evaluations) is a main factor in seeking after a noteworthy application refresh.

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Consistent App User Feedback

Similarly, the subjective information of your application comes as application store audits, bolster demands, in-application criticism, and practically identical things. This criticism is completely fundamental to your prosperity and can help recognize in the event that you should seek after a noteworthy refresh.

There are any number of cases of client criticism that could demonstrate significant issues or openings. For instance, perplexity utilizing or finding a key component could show your application’s route or the general client encounter needs extensive revamping. Also, if clients continue requesting a similar element, that may mean you’re feeling the loss of a key offer in your application.

App Codebase is Aging

In application years, even a two-year-old codebase can be viewed as old. Four years back, Swift didn’t exist. Presently Swift 3 is accessible. With innovation changing so quickly, a maturing codebase can be a major driver to complete a noteworthy refresh.

Time alone might beguile in light of the fact that the more turns in the codebase, the quicker it will age. For an application with tens, hundreds, or even a large number of designers adding to it, there’s basically some more “worker hours” in it over a compacted timeframe. While these colleagues help push out application refreshes speedier, they additionally make the codebase harder to oversee, even with guidelines set up.

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