There is a proliferation in the number of mobile apps as we see an increasing number of smartphone users in this era of mobility. We see that these devices are smart with their capability to get connected to the internet.

The global smartphone marketplace is dominated by Android, with 84.1% and the availability of 2.2 billion mobile apps available in Google Play Store. Despite all these figures the vendor’s choice remains as the iOS platform. This is reason for which the global mobile application development market is dominated by the iOS application development companies.

Here are some of these reasons for the choice of iOS based mobile application development:

User Experience

Devoted client base for the iPhone clients is intended to make them faithful clients. We see an uplifted client involvement with this OS from Apple, favored by the portable application designers.

Generates Higher App Revenue

iPhones are constantly focused for the excellent commercial center and with higher salaries. In this way, they will dependably go for better administrations instruments, even that implies that it costs higher expenses. The higher is the adaptation better is the outcome got, with increment in the measure of income.

Quality of the Apps

iOS is a shut stage as Apple has an aggregate control over its product and gadgets. They are their own particular planners whether for programming or equipment, permitting strict rules on their collaborations.


It is less demanding to fabricate the UI/UX of the iOS gadgets. Truth be told, it is easy to use and has less demanding systems to work with. This thus gives better client encounter.

Review Process

Despite the fact that the audit procedure for creating iOS applications is any longer, it creates quality applications, which is because of compulsory strict rules to be trailed by Apple while utilizing the iOS stage.

Lesser Bugs

The set number of iOS based gadgets, less demanding is it to create bugs with less number of bugs. This happens to be one of the best preferred standpoint of the OS from Apple. Apples likewise requires lesser number of codes that outcomes in lesser bugs produced.

Developer Tools

Apple accompanies speedier and firmer apparatuses and has better designer instruments for versatile application advancement, when put in correlation with different stages.

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