Important Questions To Ask Before Hire Ios Developer

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List of questions to be asked before hiring your Developer

1.Can I see previous projects that you created?

A well developed candidate is always confident to show his potential clients his previous successful projects with other clients. He would usually share with you a list of apps that they have created. Whether he was the one who created it or he played a significant role in the app development, he will still share his work with you. By viewing and experiencing the apps he has created, you will get a feel for his skills, his style, his vision

2.What special features can you create?

You surely want to create an app that will capture interest. You don’t want your app to be ignored by your target market. Your developer should be highly skilled and should be able to provide you with ideas on innovative and useful features. He should also be able to execute these ideas and turn them into actual features to ensure your app’s success. He should be able to add elements to your app that will surely make your app exciting, engaging, and interesting.

3.What is the developer’s technical expertise ?

iOS is the one of the most well designed operating system, that you may not even be aware of. So you need to ask your iOS Developer that if he knows how to optimize the technologies like accelerator , location based service , in-app purchase and other features.

4.Can you share with me a list of your current and past clients?

you need to get references from the candidate to ensure that he is of good background and that he has performed well in his previous jobs. Finding out the developer’s clients will help you verify if they actually created the apps that they claim to have worked on. It may be easy to claim to have worked on an app. The most important thing you want to know is if that he can work within the budget, if he can deliver based on agreed timelines, and if he can work under pressure.
It is always important to ask these questions to your iOS Developer before hiring him. Promising replies to all these questions that your ios App development project will be a success and the end-user will not write any complaints about your application.

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