According to comScore – A Digital research firm conveys about half of the consumer connections takes place with the aid of Mobile phones. This is the main reason behind businesses investing in developing their own Mobile apps. Since app development Industry has a great growth many number of individual Mobile apps fails to retain. Around 95% of the apps lose their users in their first three months after installation.
User quality is equal to revenue growth. Mobile application Marketers are taking data driven approach for growing Mobile application revenues.

Here are the top 4 ways that helps in increasing ios App Revenues

1. Improving the Installer Quality

Not all the ios apps that your are downloading is worth. All that you need is the perfect set of installers that helps in driving engagement and revenue that maximises the success. App installing campaigns will focus on driving the large number of ios app downloads. Around 80 % of the ios app Marketers convey that they will factor the retention rates into their corresponding campaign Optimization strategies. Thousands of small, medium niche media networks make inexpensive but low quality customers for their iphones, here conversion rates may be high but their business tends to fail.

2. Avoiding App Install Fraud

Since the growth of ios app Marketing has grown and this results in increasing number of fraud app install in the environment. Numerous sources says that fraud is more costing application marketers for more billions a year. Fake installations are easy to carry out with the aid of hijacked mobile devices and apps. 78% of ios app marketers says that we’re concerned about fraud on the other side only 38 % believe in their company to overcome those risks.
iOS App Marketers are now demanding the vendors to take necessary actions to overcome this. These kinds of demands become a part app.

3. Engagement of post Install Application Advertising

iOS app developers are rewarded for more install rates and for long term usages. But now the scenario has been changed , around 84% of ios app Marketers says that their performance are measured based upon only revenues and not depend upon the install counts, whether the app may be an free or paid. Follow your users those who are willing to spend more on your benefits that is received inside your ios app.

4. Implementation of Mobile Marketing Automation

Many number of ios App Developers were looking in application communications like push notification and CRM to bring back their respective apps. Many Mobile Marketing automation companies develop and deliver messages and push notification more personal and easier. Many Mobile app Marketers were started using marketing Automation Platforms.

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