Top iOS Library April 2017

Libraries can make your life so much easier when you are coding for iOS. With all of the work that Apple has put in to make programming for iOS as easy as possible, there is still a lot of room to be able to use third-party tools to improve your code quality.

Here are the best libraries in Objective-C and Swift.

1) Spruce iOS Animation Library

Spruce is an open source animation library for choreographing multiple animations in different views from WillowTree.

Spruce simplifies creating animations, and includes multiple animation sorting options. You can create completely unique animations, and this is great for animating table views, and grid views.

iOS Library

2) Transition

This library is used for transistion operation , from the name , it can transit the content.

Pod Transition in your pod file and start making some crazy new transitions with this library!

3) CHIPageControl

CHIPageControl is a set of cool animated page controls to replace boring UIPageControl.
We were inspired by Jardson Almeida dribbble shot and implemented a few more page controls.

4) Request Permission

Permission requests is the Chances of obtaining a permit might go up if the dialog looks nice. With Request Permission, your permission dialogs will look nice, and with them, your permission requests might have a higher chance of being accepted.

5) ReverseExtension

It might prove difficult to fill a tableview content from the bottom of the screen. So what would be the logic solution? Just flip it 180°! That’s exactly what

ReverseExtension does it rotates UITableView and UITableViewCell upside down.

Source: Cobeisfresh

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