6 ideas on mobile app development 2016 : Do you confuse while considering mobile app for your business. Yes, it may be hard to know exactly what app features are best suited to your business. Here are some refreshing ideas to choose best mobile app development for your business in 2016. 



1. Enterprise apps demand continues to increase

Studies of any sort, for example, pay guides for versatile designers, point in that course. Organizations need to keep their representatives more joined with a specific end goal to meet their targets. Skills around design, integration or security will be an unquestionable requirement for each designer.


2. UX’re always on my mind

End clients are progressively requesting a superior client experience, without it an application future swings to dark. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of this issue, familiar correspondence among engineers and architects is basic. Other than that, it appears that the thought is no more to keep individuals in a specific application for long as could be expected under the circumstances, yet to empower them to do on a less demanding way.


3. Still on the bench

In spite of the fact that everybody appears to begin to look all starry eyed at Big Data, as per IDC is just beginning. Only 1% of all applications are utilizing psychological administrations today. It appears we’ll need to sit tight for a few years to transform this enormous craving into reality.


4. Size matters

Such a large number of gadgets, such a large number of screen sizes. Other than cell phones and tablets, new occupants are joining the tribe, for example, smartwatches. Designers will need to think and test harder on how an application will look like and work on every sort of gadget.


5. Always by side

Directly related with #4, people like to think “my app (and my data) have to travel with me through multiple devices”. That justifies the growth on cross-platform tools nowadays. SO while choosing on developing mobile application you should consider on develope with cross platform.


6. A new world to be discovered

IoT (Internet of Things) is not coming anymore, it’s here! More “things” are getting joined and, with each new one, an application will be required to track or oversee it. More probable, these applications could have the effect on an offering process.

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