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4 Challenges Faced By A Mobile Application Developer: With mobile apps, there’s a whole lot of development inside the life-style control of the people’s. whether or not it’s far for paying bills, purchasing, ordering meals, parking your automobile, booking your tickets, staying up to date with the modern-day affairs or organizing your daily sports, there’s a cellular app to do it for you.

because of rapid cellular app boom, developing a cellular app is turning into a complicated undertaking. That’s why we’re penning down a number of pinnacle challenges faced with the aid of a cellular app developer in building a mobile app. Here is Challenges Faced By A Mobile Application Developer.


1. Deciding A Platform To Build Your Mobile App

Having been in mobile app development for quite a long time, the most common issue we face with our clients is helping them decide on a platform. When Android and Apple are ruling the app market at large, the decision is between the two. However, it’s important to understand each platform’s nuances and incorporating their features. Knowing the differences of each platform takes time and skill.

While you may think one platform is the best, you may end up working on the other for your customer. So, many a times, working on such a decision-making situation can be really tough.

2. Creating An App With Minimum Bugs

It’s the biggest dream of every mobile app developer to build apps with nil or minimum errors. More of a dream, it’s another challenge they face while building an app. In fact, 75% of mobile apps are launched with bugs ranging from 1 to 10. The survey also confirms about 2.2% of mobile app developers to find more than 50 bugs post-release of the app.

“Bugs have been a fact of life for as long as we’ve had software.” – CEO of Evans Data Janel Garvin

Hence, to develop apps with no bugs will be an all-time challenge to the developers.

3. Working On App Interaction

You could simply develop a mobile app with the intended features. But if your app isn’t going to let your users interact and keep them engaged, then you’re job was simply a waste of time. Providing a highly visual and impactful app is the need of the hour. Using different animations, experimenting sensors to suit to various app responses while shaking, tilting, and other creative motions is a great way to increase interactions. Hence, creating such features take a lot of skill and brainstorming.

4. Finding A Way To Successfully Market Your App

Ensuring your app gets the needed visibility can be a constant nightmare. This is where you’ll receive your ROI and, hence, you can’t afford to ignore your app marketing. Choosing your app marketing strategies is again a painful decision. You never know how and which way works. Understanding your customer’s needs and wants is very challenging task.

The worst case is that you can’t go ahead with a single marketing strategy. It’s important you keep experimenting and stay updated on the latest marketing trends and channels.

Challenges will remain as long as there are continual impacts and improvements in the field of technology. Since many industries are focusing on going mobile, the demand has risen to be industries-specific, as well.

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