How To Avoid Apple App Store Rejection: While developing mobile app, there are numerous things a developer must consider. After investing hours of hard work to develop your app, nothing can be more frustrating if you cannot get your app approved for the App Store. If Apple rejects your app, it is not the end of the world, usually there will be few issues that needed to change in order to meet guidelines of App Store’s review process.

Apple App Store Rejection due to various reason, mostly for design and in some cases for functionality. We have to analayse entire process before going to upload in app store. While facing issues in design, it can be fixed easily. If any bugs found with functionality then needed to go from first. So a developer should consider all the factors which acceptable by guidelines of App Store’s review process.

Here are a list of reasons that could lead to Apple App Store Rejection. 




Updating detail in app store has consider an important factor in order to avoid rejection. Most of apps dismissed due to improper detail which updates on the section. In order to avoid rejection, Proper details needed to update with clear documentation to use. Including details such as steps to operate an application or some other detail like alternative connection which required to function the app.


Software Bugs

Before submitting application to apple, make sure you have double- and triple-checked the software. If Apple encounters any bugs in the software, then there will be huge possibility for rejection. For avoiding the issue, the app advised to run in beta testers for finding bugs which needed to fix if needed.


Be Careful with Content

Avoid inappropriate language or user-generated content. Including pornography in your app is a recipe for rejection.



Before start developing an app, we have to consider about design details. If your app’s design is too complex or the interface is confusing to a user, Apple will most likely reject your app until you redesign the interface.



If the app’s name in the app itself and the name of the app on iTunes do not match, this will be a problem. These are crucial details you cannot afford to miss.



Because of the strict parameters Apple has set for game ratings, make sure your app complies with the proper rating rules. This is a simple yet often overlooked reason apps are rejected.



Do not submit a demo or test app to Apple, for it will be rejected right away. Apple does not approve or even take demo apps into consideration.

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