5 New Mobile Apps You Don’t Want To Miss (March 2016): Mobile apps for smart devices is an fastest growing technology in recent years. Has an android and iOS smart phone user, It’s always difficult to keep all the new apps which releasing every single day, week and month.

So here Smarther takes care of that for you, We summarize a roundup of each month of our favourite mobile apps which released past month. Check out below for best and trending new mobile apps of the month March 2016.

1.) ProtonMail 

The release of ProtonMail’s app for encrypting emails comes so timely as the topics of encryption and data security are trending in mobile app development community. The service does end-to-end encryption and allows users to stay completely anonymous.

2.) Digit 

Free mobile app by Hello Digit Inc. is designed to make saving money easier. The way for that is software to streamline the process. Every few days the app checks user’s spending habits and saves few dollars from the account when possible.

3.) ScannerPro 

Newly updated version 7 of document scanning app ScannerPro. A major update concerning a variety of issues – prettier design, better color processing, scanning open books and magazines.

4.) Instaround 

This app’s task is to help find photos on Instagram based on their location. Using map view you can search the images posted from people near you, or search what people are posting in other locations. Most recent posts are shown first.

5.) Vimeo 

Vimeo LLC has presented a major redesign of its mobile app for iOS in March. The app has been popular for possibility to discover nice videos and to upload own from mobile devices. The latest version is aimed at making the process more enjoyable with a cleaner design.

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