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E-Commerce is on the rise everywhere from the west to the east. Globally, the annual retail sales from the internet crossed $1.9 trillion U.S. Dollars in 2016. With this growth, projections show that it would cross $4 trillion marks by 2020, making up to 14% of the total retail market.


1.Seamless Cross-Channel User Experience

Mobile Apps produce a cutting edge over Websites through the integration of inbuilt smartphone components. For example, in today’s growing market, E-Commerce companies are concentric towards faster delivery and customer satisfaction. Using navigation technologies such as extensions of Google Maps and improvising payment techniques through the integration of various wallets enhances user experience and adds value towards faster delivery. Furthermore, tapping into contacts and camera access can improvise their existing market and customer satisfaction.

  1. Speed

Recently, Amazon declared that even a seconds’ delay in loading their search results can lose them up to 1.6 Billion Dollars in sales every year. Another Internet Supergiant, Google has also revealed similar statistics stating that a delay of less than half a second in their search results could lead to a loss of 8 million searches every day. The importance of speed can be thus justified. There are two technical reasons why Mobile Apps are faster: (i) Mobile websites run on javascript, whereas the framework used by Mobile apps can be up to 5 times faster than those of Javascript. (ii) Apps store part of the data locally, on the other hand, mobile sites have to refer to servers for the same. This makes data retrieval far easier.

  1. Freedom & Personalization in App Design

Mobile Apps can provide a striking design and enhanced User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) due to their ability for customization in design. Even with the advancement in technologies, features of Mobile websites are limited to “back button” “refresh button” and “address bar”. In contrast, Mobile apps can be designed to utilize a lot of advanced features based on gestures such as “tap”, “swipe”, “drag”, “pinch” and “hold” or even based on exciting features such as “Voice Control”.

  1. High User Engagement & Conversion Rate

Statistics reveal that users spend more than 85% of their time on mobile apps and less than 15% of their time on mobile websites. Additionally, the presence of the app icons and shortcuts in their mobile phones itself increases the brand presence and serves as a tool for advertising of their brand. Mobile apps being more specific in nature can add more bottom of the funnel users(BoFU), on the other hand, mobile websites being more diverse have lesser conversion rates.

  1. Push Notifications

Studies reveal that E-Commerce apps, in general, shows a high lift in user-engagement through push notifications alone. Notifications act as a brand banner and ensure lower abandonment rates. Avoiding, such an important marketing and advertising tool for your e-commerce business would be a bad idea.


In order to survive in this humongous competitive E-Commerce market, your company definitely needs a lucrative Mobile App. Reach the best ecommerce app development company and develop your mobile app to reach a better return on investment.

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