Now, we are all well aware that mobile apps are rapidly changing the world of business, especially the e-commerce industry. However, it is often a struggle to pinpoint which of these changes is important and why?

According to Google, consumers spend an average of three hours every day on mobile apps, while 70 percent of businesses say the rise of mobile apps has forced them to change the way they interact with customers. 

Shopping has completely changed. We can choose and buy a wide variety of products from our favorite brands sitting at home.

To help, we have highlighted five key ways in which mobile applications have transformed e-commerce. This list is not a complete solution, it is an overview of some of the changes we believe are so important.

  •  Direct Marketing channel for customers:

As mobile phone usage is ubiquitous, consumers are now connected 24 × 7 with their favorite brands. Not only are mobile apps the best option for them, but they also lead customers to get information about the brand and its latest offers.

It offers an excellent opportunity for eCommerce entrepreneurs to set up a direct marketing channel through their mobile applications. They can provide their target customers with customized suggestions, special rewards, discount coupons, and other information about their product lines based on purchase methods.

     2.Better brand recognition and higher interactions:

In addition to product-related information, eCommerce mobile applications are a powerful tool for fast and efficient customer interaction. Apps allow consumers to rate products and provide feedback from their smartphones.

This ensures remote readiness and allows brands’ customer care representatives to manage the live chat option on the apps so they can easily interact with customers at any time. Ecommerce brands can also incorporate easy sharing options for social media sites to talk about their customers. Another important function that a mobile application can perform is brand recognition.

By creating a stylish, high-speed app with memorable UI designs and colors, an e-commerce business helps the brand stay in the customer’s memory and thus increase the customer’s chances of return.

        3.Push customization:

Mobile apps offer a level of customization in the customer experience that regular websites may not always reflect. Apps send notifications based on consumer browsing and purchasing history using features such as pop-up notifications and dialog boxes.

For example, push announcements may prompt customers to make immediate purchases with wishlist items that were not previously out-of-stock but are now available. Similarly, notifications about flash sales or reward points may also increase purchase rates.

       4.Impressive e-commerce store branding:

Today, having a wide product range is not enough to attract customers. Every e-commerce business has similar products, which intensifies the competition. Offers and discounts are also not enough.

A mobile app can offer one thing that the e-commerce store stands alone from the other competitors, that is branding. The fact is most consumers browse or shop with an attractive and responsive e-commerce mobile app through their smartphones, this is a significant plus point for an e-commerce site.

By adding unique touches to an e-commerce mobile app such as play Game Rewards or unique designs, the brand can quickly increase the number of app downloads and, by extending, reach the minds of online shoppers.

        5.Improvement in-store search ranking:

Search engines can make a high priority on mobile app rankings in an App Store. Through the process of App Indexing, a mobile application can bring better and more traffic to an eCommerce app.

This is because consumers now have a second platform through which they can access the brand, namely Google Play and Apple App Store, and also some other search engines.

Higher store search rankings lead to higher purchases, higher browsing activity, higher sales revenue, and higher brand recognition.

Wrapping up:

Mobile applications have transformed the e-commerce industry. With the advancement of the e-commerce industry today, retailers and businesses of all sizes can stay in the minds of consumers. This mobile apps era is changing the consumer and retailer relationship and helping to provide an almost fair opportunity to businesses of all sizes.

So, businesses that have always wanted to be global, but have limited capabilities to do so, need to understand that they can achieve their goal now. They need to understand that they can attract the attention of consumers in other cities simply by having an online store or by advertising their products using mobile applications.You can hire smarther technologies India’s best e-commerce mobile application development company. visit our website to get a quote and email to get other information.

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