Creating an E-commerce application like amazon is a very good idea in today’s world. As there is a lot of competition in the E-commerce industry, you have to be very much concerned about your application being used by many users. Starting an E-commerce business requires an application for mobile or website or both. Amazon is one of the best online shopping websites and applications that plays a vital role in the industry. The secret of their success is the user-friendly approach of the website and application. To create an application like amazon that reaches the sky we should do the following. The challenging thing in this application is to make customers visit repeatedly. 


  Planning is the phase in which the business developer briefly describes the things that are being sold on our website. As we are aiming to create something like amazon, we should analyze the business model of amazon thoroughly. Once gone through the process of application you can identify the pros and cons of the application. Any application developed should search for the customer demand. First, prepare a checklist of the customer requirements.  Tick and satisfy all the requirements one by one so that every need can be done without fail. The next thing that has to be concentrated on is the ease of use. The entire process of ordering a product should be done by anyone who has less knowledge of device operation. 

These are the main things that attract the customer more than any other feature. A secure payment gateway is another thing that has to be done without any compromises.

Confirmation of features:

   As soon as the planning phase has been completed, you should decide the features of the application you will develop. Also, release the application as soon as possible. If it takes time then release the minimum viable product at least. After releasing the MVP you can validate it in the next generations. Some of the features that should be added to complete your application are :


Login is the basic process that every application has. This ensures the customer creates a separate place or space for each customer individually. They can feed their data at the time of registration or sign up. It saves your details for future use. In the future, if the user orders some items in the application, then they need not have to enter your contact details if it doesn’t change. This reduces time. If the customer is not interested in entering any personal details, they have to be provided with login via Facebook, Gmail, and so on.

Listing the products with the tag:

The product list which is for sale should be listed on the page. Categories may be displayed first. If the categories of the product are selected, the relevant category should be redirected to view the sub-category list. From that, the customer can easily filter their section. The price of each product should also be shown below the picture of the product.

Filters should be placed according to age, price, and other attributes related to the product.

Product Search:

The product Search option should be given with many filters and high-quality indexing to quickly help users get their product. Also, you can provide spelling correction, auto-correction, and root word recognition to speed up the search process.

Recommendation Engine:

The biggest reason why amazon is best is its recommendation of goods based on the user’s preference. Use some simple AI algorithm to list the product to the customer. For example, If Ram wishes to buy Product A and Ravi wishes to buy Products A and B, Ram may also show interest in Product B. So show that product B in Ram’s login account. Likewise, predict the interest of the people according to the response of the people. This will surely work out.

Reviews & Ratings:

Show the past reviews and ratings of the customers. This makes the customers choose the best product among the list of products. Also, provide space for new user comments.

Add Cart and check out:

 This is the most important feature of online shopping. Adding a list of items selected to buy in the cart and checkout the process with no interruption. The payment gateway added should ensure safe and quick transfer of money. This payment gateway collects and verifies the details of the card (Debit and Credit). Use the standard systems with a good reputation like PCI DSS. Also, provide multiple payment options like Google pay, Amazon pay, etc. to increase customer viability.

Design a Royal and Professional Look:

Design your website professionally and Royal at the same time to get loyal customers. Your Logo Must be very attractive and simple. It can be printed on shirts, on vehicles, and any other accessories if it is simple. Use quality pictures to show your product. The appearance of the application earns the first impression. So concern it very seriously.

Choose the Platform:

Android or IOS? On which platform your application has to be developed? Generally, an E-commerce application can be developed on both platforms. It is chosen according to the type of goods and the target audience. But the standard formula is developing in iOS first and then porting it to android. This is because iOS users are ready to pay more than Android users. Or use can develop in both platforms.

Technology Integration:

 It is wise to use the latest technologies with your applications. Using the latest technologies may speed up the process and increase the ease of use. For example, integrating GPS tracking makes your application user-friendly. For better knowledge about the technology, you can use the Technology stack. It will give you knowledge about the framework, frontend technology, Backend technology, Database, programming languages, and all.

Add Notification Option: 

Add notification option to notify every update with the customer then and there. It decreases the gap between the brand and the customer.

Development Cost:

The development cost of the application depends upon many parameters like the platform, technology used, developer cost, etc. Depending upon the parameters it varies.

Maintenance of the application costs extra than the development cost. Usually, it is 20% – 30% of the development cost. 

        Some of the other costs are,

  •    Software license cost
  •   Marketing and advertising cost
  •   Application storage cost
  •    Database server cost
  •   Equipment cost    
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