In today’s fast-growing world, mobile shopping is on the rise. Are you feeling stress due to the little time you have?. Don’t worry, With a few clicks on-demand apps in your mobile phones, you can receive the grocery items you preferred at your doorsteps in a few hours or a day you expected. It saves time and it is more feasible for people to place their orders at any time and anywhere without trouble.  

Why it is essential for fighting the COVID-19 Outbreak:

 At this time of COVID- 19 Outbreak, grocery delivery apps are widely spread and were installed in high numbers by users. The government also insisted the people to use grocery delivery apps during the lockdown to tackle the infection spread.  

  • It avoids the extreme spread of the virus by providing easy and healthy shopping from home.
  • It combats fear by enduring people that they have enough essential goods in stock.
  • It allows restaurants and cafes to know their product stocks.
  • It improves efficiency at work by enabling people to relax more and spend time recovering life energy.

Why On-demand Grocery Apps are in Demand:

  • No Queue at check-out counters. 
  • More Comfortable virtual selves and search.
  • Grocery Journey.
  • Reduce Impulse Buying.
  • Delivery Charges are Quite Reasonable. 

What is a single vendor store app?:

 Single vendor apps run with only one vendor selling their goods to multiple customers. This app includes only two phases, namely seller and buyer/customers. The list of items is only managed by the seller. 

Advantages of single vendor apps:

It is easier to develop and sustain a relationship with one supplier than with two or more.

The cost of administration and other supplementary costs are reduced.

To achieve competitive pricing, you can optimize quality control.

It’s quick to streamline and combine processes with a single manufacturer.


  1. First, users can register with particular details or with social media accounts.
  2. View the list of grocery items.
  3. Add the items to the cart if they need it.
  4. Share their cart to the friends.
  5. User Place an order via the app.
  6.  After completing the payment, it helps to assign the delivery agent who is nearest to the customer location.
  7. Users can monitor the order and know the status of the item they order.
  8. Admin manages the profile page and does the item dependent services.

Features To Boost Your Online Grocery Sales:

You need to focus especially on two things one is comfort another one is security. What your shoppers can see is an online grocery store that’s easy to navigate, easy to look at, and easy to use. 

Customizable Design:

 Lets you grab the audience’s attention with realistic design and engage them with usability and accessibility and great user experience.

Shareable Cart:

 This feature allows the registered customer to add the chosen item to the carts. They can quickly forward the cart items to their friends if they want. Sharing a cart is a way of sharing happiness.

Feedback Management:

 In fact, Most of the customers rely on reviews to buy anything online. Before purchasing a product they’re going online to read a review. This is why every site or application includes a review and testimonial section. 

  •  Ratings of services
  •  Rating of product quality.
  •  Writing a review to get a better feedback system.
  •  Support and Help.

Custom Delivery:

 You must deliver the groceries to the customers at the time of day they decide. A streamlined and seamless flow of work order guarantees good order management and satisfied customers.

  •  Slots for the pickup time
  •  Delivery person tracking 
  •  Contact the delivery agent

Product Returns:

 Product return policies assist you to build trust among your customers. It will increase your customer rate. Because people didn’t worry about quality or any damaged product if a return option was available. 

  •  Cancellation of order
  •  Reorder the products.

Premium MemberShip:

 You must give special consideration to the loyal and the premium customers. You should treat your regular or selected customers as a VIP.

Repeat Orders:

 Repeat orders can allow your grocery shoppers to easily pick commonly purchased items from the purchasing history. This feature helps to boost user experience and speed up checkouts. 

Convenient Payment:

 People need different kinds of payment options while they shop some groceries online. You need to provide a secure payment with multiple payment options.

  •  Debit Card/Credit Card.
  •  Cash on Delivery.
  •  UPI.
  •  Net Banking.

Development Modules:

 Front End:

You should give special attention to the front end that ensures the shoppers who can find their groceries with minimum possible effort.

  • Refined Search.
  • Social Sign up.
  • Multi-payment option.
  • Social Sharing.

 Admin Area:

  Managing your online grocery store is fast and convenient.  

  • Refined Search.
  • Product Management.
  • Attributes Management.
  • Content Management.
  • Report Generation.

Cost to create a Single vendor grocery app:

 The cost of your app development is depending on the following factors. They are,

  • The Complexity of the app

The more complex and the design  capabilities that you choose the cost would be higher.

  • App platforms

The cost of a single platform either iOS or android is lesser than an app developed for both the platforms.

  • Development Team Size

The cost depends on a member’s count in the development team.

  • App Development Region

The cost varies from region to region.


 The scope of grocery apps is expanding rapidly. Already several customers are moving forward to using the online service of their favorite store and you can see more customers involved soon. 

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