The home service app looks like an uncommon app. But, this service is booming nowadays. The demand for home service apps is increasing day by day as this generation of people has no time to spend on maintaining a house. This creates a new business space and many startups are growing in this field. This app focuses on satisfying everyday needs like housekeeping, in-house saloon, plumbing, carpentry work, and so on. The service provider will have the manpower to do all kinds of home service-related work.

The app links the service provider with the customer and admin control to manipulate the related records. It has all features to completely explore the needs of the client. Users can view the list of available services and can easily select the needed ones within a few clicks. All the user requests are listed to the service provider end and they can accept/reject the request as per their demands.

Home Service App Features

Requirements lists of Housejoy app:

  • User app
  • Service provider App
  • Admin panel

Each app has the following features.

User app :

This app provides the features to satisfy the needs of the customer. The features in this app are as follows:

  • Login/ Registration to ensure the security of the customer.
  • Available locations to the service will be listed and the customer can select their location.
  • A list of available service providers and various plans will be displayed on a page.
  • As the service provider details are provided, the customer can view their profiles and proficiencies.
  • The customer can select the date and time of their convenience.
  • After the confirmation of the service request, the customer can pay using the payment option given.
  • There is also an option to post your opinion as comments and ratings about the service.

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Service provider App:

This app has the features to make the process easy to manipulate.

  • This also has the login/ registration to ensure the security of service providers.
  • The initial Registration will have the queries to assess the skill of the service provider. There they have to provide the certificates of
  • training has undergone related to the service.
  • Once after login to the app, the service provider can view the requests.
  • They can view and choose or cancel the request as per their norms.
  • On approval of the request, there will be an alert message sent to the customer as well as the admin and service provider.
  • The service provider can cancel any order with the proper reason that has to be submitted.

Admin Panel:

Admin panel acts as the back end of each project and each and every data will be recorded here.

  • This admin panel also has a login to enter into the panel.
  • For every process like the user, service provider, payment, orders, data will be stored and manipulated in the admin panel.
  • All the records will be generated here for further reference.

Other than the above features, there are some advanced features too available.

– Chatbox to interact with the user about the service they need.
– Geographical location navigator to get the location information.
– Feedback and review page.


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