Foodpanda is an app that is like a trendsetter. Yes, the Foodpanda app familiarizes the trend of food delivery. This app created a business model that delivers food from restaurants for its users. This app provides a package of user apps, admin panels, and delivery app. In the package mentioned,

User app – Used by the customer to place their order. A list of restaurants nearby the user’s selected location will be displayed, where the user can choose their favorite dish. The information like the image of the dish, the price will also be listed on the screen.
Delivery app – The list of orders will be displayed to the delivery partners with respect to their geographical location. They can accept or cancel their order according to their timeline. If they accept the order, a message with the name and contact details of the delivery person will be sent to the customer who ordered the food.

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Admin Panel- Admin panel has all the details like the user, delivery partners, orders, all the reports, list of restaurants, and so on. Every action done in the business will be recorded as data in the admin panel. These details are useful to keep track of the data.

What Foodpanda Business model Brings you:

  • Food delivery apps help you with the following benefits:
  • Quick and improved customer service.
  • Secured and instant payments.
  • Enhance your reach to your audiences.
  • Improved sales and hence the profit.
  • Push notification about your offers and deals.
  • Keep your customers engaged.
  • Data tracking is made simple.
  • Ratings and reviews can be more transparent than ever.

How do Foodpanda model work:

Foodpanda business acts as a bridge between the restaurant and the user. The basic idea behind this business model is the customer may wish to have a dish from a restaurant, but, He/She may be busy with their work. In those situations, the food delivery business is a boon. There are many customers who don’t have proper access to the restaurants who can use this app. This app makes collaboration with list of reputed restaurants and lists them in their app. They get the orders from the user and send a message to the restaurants about the orders. As restaurants packed the food, they hand over the food to the delivery persons. The delivery person delivers the food ordered to the relevant address. Delivery person also has a separate app where they can view the list of orders and can accept/reject the order according to the location. There is an admin panel that manages all the works done in the business.

Modules in Foodpanda app:

There are several modules present in the foodpanda app to provide the most efficient and simplified food delivery business solution. They are as follows:

User App:

User app contains features like,

  • Registration/ Login to ensure security.
  • The search filter to search the required results like hotels, dishes, discounts, etc.
  • Listing the restaurants and menus available in the particular time slot.
  • Order placement is the key process of the application.
  • Trusted payment gateway to ensure secure and instant money transfer.
  • Customization in orders will also be available to get customer satisfaction.
  • Ratings and Reviews to get the score about your service.
  • Order tracking to keep track of the order using geo tracker.

Restaurant App:

Restaurant app includes,

  • Registration/ Login to ensure security.
  • Order confirmation to the customer.
  • Status activation to make the order into the kitchen.
  • Dispatch orders manage the dispatch of the food from the restaurant.
  • Adding Prices to every menu by including the commission to the delivery partner.
  • Offers and discounts include the calculation and intimation about the offers.
  • Customer management to provide some extra privileges to the loyal customers.

Admin Panel :

The Admin panel acts as a centralized control for the entire process. This admin panel has,

  • Registration/ Login to ensure security.
  • User list to keep track of the user records.
  • Restaurant list to keep track of the restaurants.
  • Menu list to maintain a list of menus and their performance.
  • Report generation for all the lists maintained.

Delivery App:

The delivery app has the following features:

  • Registration/Login to ensure the security of the delivery person.
  • A list of orders to deliver will be displayed.
  • Accepted orders will be marked as active in status.
  • Delivery status tracking.
  • Payment details listing,
  • Ratings and reviews in view-only mode.
  • GPS incorporated to reach the customer without any difficulties.


Food apps fill the gap between restaurants and customers. They act as a catalyst for your food business. This app simplifies the process of making food delivered to the customer. Customers can order their food in a few clicks. This is the biggest strength of this app. This app assures secured payment and geotracking. Apps make the business systematic where work can be done automatically without any communication delay.

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