There is no doubt that the medical industry changes with the adoption of digital tools. Nowadays people expect fast and convenient services that drive digital healthcare solutions like booking doctor appointments. This is an opportunity for every modern clinic or personal trainer to grow up.

Mobile healthcare applications have become an important one as most patients seek out online scheduling, and there are many ways to create a doctor appointment mobile app. It can be an additional benefit for a hospital or modern clinic. Let’s take a look at how to implement online booking applications and how they work. 

Importance of having a doctor appointment booking app:

As more and more people these days have smartphones they want to use them to plan their doctor’s visits, medication taking, and all sorts of other factors related to their health and well-being. Thus more and more patients will choose a healthcare provider that offers digital capabilities such as online booking appointment, video conferencing, and online consultation.  .

The option to book a doctor’s appointment online plays an important role in satisfying certain medical services.This works simply, when you have the option to book doctor’s appointments online. Both patients and physicians want to feel like they are taking advantage of all the technological advances and automating and improving their valuable time.

Benefits of having a doctor appointment booking app :


Employees spend less time managing appointments and phone bookings, so their free time can be used for more urgent and important tasks. Patients do not need to call the hospital to make an appointment and can save time by booking an appointment through an app in the middle of their busy schedules.

Consider, for example, a large medical facility hospital that plans 100-plus appointments daily. Each appointment call is handled by management support staff, and they take about 3 to 4 minutes per phone call.

 If the hospital switches to an application for booking an appointment, it can save most of their time and give them more time to deal with other stressful tasks at the hospital.

24 Hours convenience:

It takes a person to schedule an appointment with phone calls during office hours, so people need to work around the clock on phone bookings. Through the appointment booking app, the individual or patient can book an appointment at any time. 

It increases automation:

In addition to making resource management easy , appointment booking applications provide an effective way to automate your hospital and free up staff time. Automation also reduces the possibility of patients not being able to book because your employees are busy planning for other patients.

Gain patient satisfaction:

When your patients can get the booking process started at any time they choose, you’ll gain their satisfaction as well as time. They no longer have to worry about how they can make an appointment quickly and easily.. For those potential patients who have trouble making a call or visiting your hospital, an appointment booking app is an ideal alternative. With this, you will definitely have a happy customer base.

How does the appointment booking app works:

Here we have explained the workflow of the Doctor appointment booking application.

Profile creation:

Creating both a doctor and patient profile is an important first step in applying for a physician booking and appointment. In it, both doctors and patients fill in important details to create their respective profiles. The doctor’s profile may contain the following information.

  • Doctor’s Location: – The doctor’s hospital location should be added to it
  • Eligibility: – In this section, the doctor can add their expertise, experience, education, professional certificates, and more.
  • Photos: – Pictures of workplaces etc.
  • Evaluation: – This section displays reviews and evaluations provided by other patients.

Similarly, the patient’s profile may contain information such as:

  • First and last name: – It helps the doctor to know how to address patients and register your name.
  • Phone Number: – This allows the doctor to call patients quickly.
  • Address: – This allows the user to create a list of all nearby doctors.
  • Age, Gender, and Other Information: – This information is essential for the treatment of the patient.

Search doctors:

In this module, the patients search for a suitable doctor as per their needs. The patients can search doctors by various filters like doctor’s fees, preferable time, specialty,range, area, available insurance, type of care, and many more.

For example, if a patient has a heart related disease, they may seek out a cardiologist near his or her area through the filter instead of looking for a doctor from the entire database.

With a wide variety of filters, this search module makes the doctor-searching process  quick, accurate,streamlined, and relevant.

Book appointment:

Once the patient has selected the appropriate doctor, they can send a request for an appointment. The patient is provided with a built-in chat to discuss any additional issues or queries. If the doctor and patient are on the same page discussing everything, the doctor confirms the appointment request.

Payment gateway:

This module allows users to make payments without any hassle through various methods like a credit card, debit card, and wallet. This is the last step of the appointment booking app.

How much cost it takes to develop a doctor appointment booking app:

The cost of developing a doctor appointment booking application depends on several factors:

  • The complexity of the application
  • Number of hours
  • Hourly rates
  • Contract type
  • Number of sites
  • technological stack 

According to our estimates, it takes approximately 350-450 hours to build a frontend for each site. Similarly, the UI is about 50-60 hours. The backend takes 250-300 hours.

Assuming an average hourly rate of $ 40, the total cost of creating a doctor appointment booking application is approximately $ 27,000.

Wrapping up:

The medical and healthcare sector is enjoying great benefits from the latest technologies, especially mobile applications. Creating a doctor appointment booking application requires a lot of expertise, which can be provided by our experts. By integrating AI-based operations and automated resource management, we can help better health centers produce their functions more efficiently.

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