During this covid-19 period, people were afraid to go anywhere, afraid to touch anything, even afraid to stand side by side. They are also afraid to come out from home. How many days can we stay home? All industries have started to move towards an alternative path for the growth of their business during this corona period. Why should the medical profession lag with its old practices? There are many mobile applications to meet the needs of the respective industries in this era. It is also highly commendable that there is an application for consulting a doctor as well. 

Need of online doctor consultation app:

The demand for doctors is always expected to rise, but it is a difficult task in an environment where we are surviving on the move. However, thanks to technology, we have ways to access the doctor without going to the clinic, and you can get the care you need.

Listed below are some of the benefits you may receive during online doctor consultation:

  • You do not need to travel:
  • Improve your way to check your symptoms:
  • Save your money:
  • Privacy and Security:
  • Convenient and comfortable:

Main doctor consulting app features you need:

To make sure your doctor consultation application comes first, you must have these features.

Profile creation:

People who use the program need a way to securely store their information so they do not have to enter it every time. When you build a doctor consulting app, pay more attention to the end-user than your business needs. A profile section should contain their name, address, contact information, insurance, and preferred doctors or locations.

Online prescription management:

Inform users about required medications, including possible side effects, dosage instructions, and side effects. The ability to dispense medications on the Internet with local pharmacies offers amazing convenience.

Search bar and filters:

This feature allows patients to find the appropriate doctor for their needs. Patients can search for doctors using a variety of filters such as doctor specialization, area, type of care, price, range, preferred time, available insurance, and more.

For example, if a patient suffers from a neurological disorder, he may seek out a neurologist in a nearby area instead of seeking a doctor from the entire database.

This search feature with numerous filters simplifies the process of looking for doctors and makes it quick, relevant, and accurate.

Appointment booking:

Once the patient has selected the appropriate doctor, he or she can send an appointment request for consultation. A built-in chat is provided so that the patient can discuss additional issues or questions. Once the doctor and patient have discussed everything, the doctor confirms the consultation time.

Video chat for doctor and patient:

Efficient communication with patients enhances patient satisfaction and treatment effectiveness. With video calling features in doctor consulting applications, the app enhances user retention and facilitates patients to interact directly with doctors.

Treatment progress tracking:

The purpose of each medical treatment is to monitor and monitor its progress. Collect medical data, X-rays, and medical treatment history through shared files and treat patients based on it.

Real-time chat:

With real-time chat, doctors can chat with patients and make quick decisions. This creates a secure room for exchanging messages in a private environment where all conversations are encrypted from end to end.

Group call:

Doctors can contact a team of specialists directly with their patients or their relatives or by video or voice group calls. Virtual discussions can be achieved through such group call features.

File sharing:

It allows you to share scan reports, medicine prescriptions, payment receipts, and more through a secure and encrypted server.

Symptoms checker and disease diagnosis:

You may already know the popularity of artificial intelligence-based assistants so that the user can diagnose diseases based on the symptoms they have. There should be a symptom checker feature in your doctor consulting app, This allows the patient to reach the appropriate doctor based on their symptoms.

Simple e-billing and payment gateway:

There should also be a simple billing function for a doctor to create a bill and secure the payment gateway to pay for your consultations directly through the app.

Cost calculator:

A doctor consultation app should have a cost calculator so patients can understand exactly what they are being charged at all times.


In the doctor consultation app, a doctor should prescribe the required medication directly in the application along with the receipts. so that the patient can then order the medication at your local pharmacy or their choice.

Stages of Doctor consultation App Development:

How to build a powerful doctor consulting processor with all the features your patients need? If you do not have technical software experts in your team, hire a professional app development company like smarther technologies to build the doctor consulting app and take care of both front and back-end development.

Planning and estimations:

Planning a successful doctor consulting app is more than just selecting features. The whole process begins with in-depth discussions about the needs of the resources or organization.

This includes what you want to offer patients. Everything is weighed against the budget, making sure it works.

App designing:

The next step is app designing. Here the app design should be simple and engaging. For a better UX, you can simply reduce the number of steps that require consultation. Both designers and technical developers work together to develop user interfaces (UI) to gain a better user experience.

Development process:

The next step is the app development process. You need to select a developer team.During the hiring process, you should give priority to companies with a great portfolio and the best experience of applications. Your main goal should be to ensure that all your developers have the expertise of the required technical layer.

Quality assurance:

After the development team develops the application, it performs all the tests to release high-quality and flawless products according to quality control and warranty. These tests not only look for problems but also improve speed and usability. For best results, QA also includes a study for safety vulnerabilities.

App launching:

Your application will not give you any benefits if you are not able to market your app. Telling your patients is the first step. Other successful application marketing methods include:

  • push your app from your doctor’s office or medical center website
  • Advertising in App Stores and Healthcare Business Directories
  • Sends email to the patient list
  • Sharing essential information on social media
  • Ask existing users to share messages with their followers, family, and friends.

Wrapping up:

When creating a doctor consulting app for your hospital, choose precision features that attract more attention and users. Understand the growing interest in self-directed care and the desire for online access to appointment booking, medical information, and telehealth options. Ultimately, the plan you provide helps both and you realize the essential goals. Explore our blog for more in-depth information on application development and more. In your search to create a unique and effective doctor consulting app for your hospital, turn to experts in the smarther technologies for help. Contact us for your specific needs or to engage in our services.

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