What’s going on in our minds nowadays? It’s all about the great pandemic disease corona, It started in china and spreading all over the world and people are very afraid of this unknown disease. But, we all know that there is always positivity and negativity in every issue.

Covid 19 Mobile App

It’s also the same in covid19. People used to stay at and home, spending time with their family, using social media for entertainment, some people also develop their skills. It creates a beautiful moment and memories.

Do you think, Is it the same for all? No, Not at all somewhere it affecting the industries. Industries creating different kinds of stuff that are used by everyone in day to day life. Few industries are running, but the economic growth of the companies is getting low.


Many industries shut their companies due to coronavirus. The manufacturing industries, the construction industries, the real-estate industries, the tourism, the fashion industry, and the e-commerce industries faced a severe loss. Do You think it is the same for IT industries? No, not every IT field suffers. Mobile app development companies running in peak. Recent statistics state that nearly billions of people are using mobile applications during this lockdown period. Most of the people downloaded remotely apps and e-learning applications.


  • Social Media App And Entertainment App
  • E-commerce App
  • Health care App
  • Travel And Booking App
  • Educational App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Video Streaming App


In this lockdown period, social media became a part of everyone’s family. Even in normal days, we spend the maximum of their time on social media. It is one of our biggest entertainment platforms. A recent study states that social media and the entertainment application had the maximum number of downloads than other domain applications.

From kids to the adult people used to watch videos, meme, comics, inspirational stories, quotes, ideas through social media and entertainment applications. The entertainment and social media applications like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, share chat and etc got the maximum download range. People spend a lot of time with their families in lockdown, but the total family entertains through social media.


E-commerce apps like grocery app and online shopping apps also got a large number of downloads. Most people trends to buy vegetables, fruits, and other grocery things through applications. Even some governments are introduced some of the e-commerce applications for the need for the citizen.


Another app that goes at its peak is a health care application. It is impossible to meet a doctor in this period but it is possible to get a suggestion from a doctor online but providing our details. One can easily get an appointment, the suggestion from a doctor online. Also, medicines and household medical kits can be purchased through pharmacy applications.


We are in a period of social distancing and lockdown. The government has proposed the order of not roam anywhere even within the city. It brings a great loss to the travel agency. From the cab booking application to the flight booking application, every travel industry has been shut down. Though the covid19 impact creates a great loss for the travel industry right now, it will provide a high rated improvement after the end of coronavirus. People have to go back to their career that maybe education or work or even business after the lockdown. At that time, there will be a great refinement in travel and booking industries.


The government had announced that not to conduct exams for most of the class. Students were happy with this decision because of there to no need to learn for this academic year. Do you think it is the same for everyone? No, some students were found of learning, somewhere interested in learning new stuff, some like to know more about trends and technologies, maximum of the final and pre-final year college students learn to track interviews.

For this they need a guide, they used to download an educational app like placement preparation apps, online course apps like udemy, udacity, and other domain apps. And also parents like to make their children learn. This leads to a lot of downloads on educational applications.


The rate of food delivery app also increases during this lockdown. Since the government had ordered not to open food shops, restaurants, hotels, and other residencies to stay and provide food delivery. People should have to maintain social distancing and not to get out of their homes. So there is a great fall in the food industry and the download rate of food delivery apps got low. But it will find it’s peak after the lockdown.

People will never forget the taste of food made by hotels, so they will surely find a way to go to hotels after the social distancing period. And also the parties will be conducted by peoples so they will order the food through applications and book hotels too.


Another one stream that got higher download in google play store is video application. Due to boredom days and night, people used to download apps like youtube, Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Twitch, MX player, Roko, Disney Plus, Pluto.tv, Tubi.tv. These are the entertainment video streaming applications that got more downloads.

Apart from these people also download a mobile application called Zoom, a video-conferencing application that is being used by many institutions for teaching purpose, another one is Skype, this is a face-time application used by business industries for client meetings.


The role of the IT industries had no end. During this lockdown, the mobile application industry faced a great loss than other IT industry, but after lockdown, the growth of mobile application companies have a high scope. Since most of the business people will understand the scope of the mobile application.

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