Kaizala App

Just like Social media apps like facebook , whatsapp , instagram microsoft launched a new app called Kaizala on Wednesday at an event in New Delhi. This was launched by Skype-owner.

This was designed and launched to perform the operations of both government and private sectors work.having said that this was also one of the Indian Messaging App so far in 2017.Social messaging Apps like Facebook,Whatsapp,Instagram,Twitter are in the top of the industry for making Conversation with people , clients out there.But these app have some limitations.

Kaizala is Kind of similar to whatsapp but the major difference is that in whatsapp , only limited persons (only 256) can only be added in the group but in Kaizala countless number of people can be added to make Tons and Tons of conversation and chats and as well as you can add those groups in other groups also.This is Mainly Developed for Bulk Chatting and Conversation and not for Two or more chats. This app can Manage thousands of request in a single time and response them simultaneously.

Also this app was tested in delhi government for more than two months. Successfully this app worked very good so far and doesn’t have any complaints. Having said that Andhra Pradesh’s state government is also one of the major users of the service and their chief minister sends a message to their citizens and gets their feedback via this app.

For example if you are going on a shopping in shopping mall , this kaizala app instantly collects data about the stores in database and send you sensitive notification about each stores discount and off-sale prices. This is the added advantage of this kaizala app

There is a pro version of Kaizala too, which gives an organisation advanced admin and user group rights. The pro version is priced at Rs. 130 per user every month. Last year, WhatsApp said that it will open its platforms to everyone bt after a couple of months again it said that it is working on some additional features  and finally now it already has a major competitor.

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