Due to advances in technology, business models are evolving with market changes. As a result, it leads to business innovations and start-ups. The evolution of the economy as needed has changed the perspective of the business regarding their models.

On-demand delivery services from grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery have made people’s lives so much easier, everything is possible because there is an on-demand market. With the growth of the e-marketplace, it has become a perfect opportunity for new businesses to grow digitally.

in This blog we will help you to understand the features and benefits of an application like dunzo. 

What is Dunzo?

Dunzo is an on-demand delivery app developed in 2015. It provides the user with anything they need at any time and place. At first they only did food delivery service and then they include various services to customers like fish, pet products, meat and groceries.

According to the report, Dunzo processes one million orders each month. Dunzo is India’s first start-up to be funded by technology behemoths like Google for a total of $ 12 million. Creating an app like dunzo will help you grow your business and generate maximum revenue.

Features which makes Dunzo one step ahead from other apps:

Easy order placement:

Most people choose to order online because placing orders is fast and convenient. This is only possible if the app is configured in a friendly manner. Dunzo’s team is well aware of this and understands they have developed an easy user interface. The UI allows users to easily find what they need without giving users too many troubles while placing an order.

Easy and multiple payment methods:

Payments play an important role in the business of any company. Although this is the last order placement process, the customer will not come again to your app if they encounter any issues in payment. For an efficient and easy payment process, customers must have all the payment methods in the app and Dunso exactly did that. They have integrated all the possible payment gateways and mobile wallet app services available in the market such as Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking and Cash On Delivery (COD), etc.

Discounts, rewards, and coupons:

dunzo offers discounts and exclusive deals to attract more customers all the time. Based on research, about 40% of users use the food delivery app to check coupons or cashback, 25% of users use these apps to gain loyalty plans.Dunso is more interested in building brand loyalty to potential consumers instead of building brand awareness.

Real-time tracking;

This is one of the key features of Dunzo, which enables customers to track the location of the food delivery person via real-time GPS. GPS is designed to provide two-way tracking. It helps to define the location of the consumer to deliver the food. And once that area is confirmed, the progress and movements of the delivery person can be easily monitored. Google Maps, Mapkit, or Ways Navigation are some of the best APIs for this functionality.

Push notifications:

Dunzo constantly sends notifications and alerts to their customers, which is the perfect way to build exposure and keep competitors ahead. This allows them to keep in touch with customers. These notifications help to relay any information such as advertisements, deals, localized news. Constantly reminding your future discounts, exclusive deals, and loyalty plans. This makes it easier to attract and engage customers.

Social media integration:

Social media has played a key role in online marketing over the past few years. This is also one of the simplest ways to promote the app. By connecting to social media, Danzo allowed customers to quickly share pictures or videos of their favorite foods with their friends and family.

Review and rating:

Every company cares for its customers because they are the soul of the company. Allows any review and rating feature to know the disadvantages of the food delivery app as per its requirement. This feature allows Dunzo’s customers to search and compare multiple restaurants with its specific dishes.

Benefits of Dunzo application:

There are numerous benefits to using dunzo. The online multi-service delivery app offers a wide range of services, including groceries, vegetables, medicines, packaging, and everything that can be moved from one place to another. It enhances customer reliability in use with unique and luxurious services.

No need to travel:

Sometimes the items we need may be indifferent stores and we get tired before buying them due to travel. Or you need an item very urgently but you are in a situation where you can not go to buy it. Use apps like dunzo to solve such problems. All you have to do is open the app on your mobile and order the items you need. The delivery person will bring the items you ordered to your home. You don’t need to travel to buy goods.

Anytime and Anywhere:

The Dunzo app offers anytime anywhere service which means the customers can trust the service providers for pick up and delivery no matter the time and emergency services; Medications are brought this way for those who need them at the right time.

GPS tracking:

Customers and delivery persons can use the instant tracking feature so they can see each other’s location and progress and accurately know the pickup and delivery time with the estimated time delivery feature.

On-demand delivery:

One of the biggest advantages of the Dunzo app is that it provides customers with an on-demand delivery service for a variety of products ordered on their mobile phones. Customers select and order products that will be delivered to local customers within an hour.

Hygiene and convenience:

people want to be healthy and clean, they want to get their daily medication without any hassle. The best way to solve this problem is to allow on-demand delivery apps such as dunzo to deliver the medicines. and we can get our order from the delivery person without any physical contact.

Wrapping up:

The Dunzo app is very easy for customers to use. The user can place an order and the task will be immediately assigned to a delivery person. The chat interface helps to find the real needs of the customers and deliver exactly what they need. dunzo app Development helps business owners maximize revenue through this type of on-demand service. The delivery partner meets the customer’s requirements by picking up or delivering the product without delay. dunzo is an app that is required to provide and receive the best online service for customers and business partners. deciding to develop an app like dunzo will take you to the peak of success.