After the pandemic, on-demand apps and every mobile app development company have taken a place they have been waiting for a long time.2020 has turned out badly for most of us but not for those in companies like Dunzo. Yes, Dunzo is a package delivery app that distributes everything except alcohol.

They started as a package delivery application but soon added grocery stores, medical stores, restaurants, and other stores to their services. Today, the demand for apps like dunzo is increasing every day. 

How does the Dunzo app works:

The working model of this Bangalore based task management company is very simple. The application allows users to place their orders with notes. Once the order is placed, a nearby delivery manager hands over the task to a delivery person. He will deliver a product. The image of the supplied items will be sent to the user for confirmation. Once the item is confirmed, it will be delivered to the specified location.

The mobile app connects its users to the nearest delivery person to accomplish their tasks. From restaurant orders to groceries, pets and medicines, Dunzo offers its users anything and everything and makes their lives effortless.

Services offered by Dunzo:

This app is designed to make it easier for consumers to buy something for distribution. Consumer benefit is taken into account, and the use of online food distribution such as Dunzo for many transactions, including food, medicine, pet products, fish and meat, and groceries, completes 50 percent of consumers’.

Ignore how complicated the stores are. Spectacularly, Dunzo meets all the requirements. Are you afraid of the long queue at the butcher shop? Have no idea about the location of the store for cute animals? afraid of Heavy city traffic jams? Well, many of your worries will be solved by subscribing to Dunzo’s service.

 Some services provided by Dunzo:

  • food delivery
  • Daily groceries delivery
  • Pharmacy and medicine delivery
  • Fruits and vegetable delivery
  • Send packages
  • Meat and Fish delivery
  •  Pet Products delivery

the stand-alone features of dunzo :

  • push notifications
  • Discount Greetings, Cashbacks, and Loyalty Plans
  • Real-time GPS delivery tracking
  • Easy in-built payment options 
  • Social media integration
  • reviews and ratings
  • Easy order placement

Steps to building an app like Dunzo:

Identify the problem people have in their daily routine

Successful entrepreneurs face unprecedented challenges. Every product and service you use is designed to solve a problem as you look around. From one place to another, you decided to go fast, you had a ride. You want to come fast from a country, you have a plane. Now for Dunzo, they have found that there is a problem in delivering goods and groceries quickly.

Identify the need for your app:

validation will show the demand of your application. Use the Google Keyword preparation Tool to check feedback to see how many people are trying to get what you are doing. You can also create a landing page to highlight your app feedback and seek user interest through email registration.

Layout the functions, features, and flow:

Verifying an idea for an application means that you have something to use. It’s time to put your product in a document or use a wireframe tool if you want to go the extra mile.

Make sure the idea is as complete as possible when you put it on paper. Add the flow and function the user expects to access the app. This allows your developer to clearly understand your goals.

Remove non-core features from your app:

Begin to closely analyze the features that you have removed from the flow and feature document that you have prepared. Provide only the central meaning of your idea. Don’t create “being nice” functions in the first version, then they may be introduced as always upgraded. This will reduce the initial development costs and lead to a faster market.

Design your app:

The design does not only mean how the app looks, but how a user sees the app. The most important thing is explained by Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures: “Design is a way to make technology effective.”

Hire a development company:

Find a development company with the best portfolio and a large number of developers. Go online to check them out on reputation and when hiring a development company. if Their portfolio satisfies you, that means the company you have chosen will suit your product.

Integrate analytics:

The analysis allows you to track the downloads of your mobile app, its user engagement, and retention. Make sure you are using software like the free version of flurry and the free version of Localytics.

Get improvise and feedback:

When you take your app to the App Store, you can learn how to tweak and strengthen your app in the first set of uses and behaviors. Improvements are being made to keep customer input alive and continuing.

Introduce new features:

Only the first version was created with limited features. It is time to test and implement most of the functions in the original version. Through analysis and input, you will know whether features are very important.

How much does it cost to build an app like dunzo:

In India, building an app like dunzo with a perfect copy of the dunzo app is very affordable for between $ 80-130.

How to estimate the cost

Application site: Costs for developing a mobile food delivery application such as dunzo according to the site. The price of ios is relatively higher than android.

Theme Design: The wide range of themes on the web fits well for the food delivery app. Proper UI usage helps to be compatible with other devices

Content: Content is the king of a digital platform. Combine a variety of content into a luxury display, including blog entries, infographics, and galleries.

Application launch Screen: If the online shipping application is configured on iOS or Android, make sure that the mobile shipping app fits well on any screen size.

App Developers: cost to build an app like dunzo depends on the developer who develops the app in both android and ios. In determining the ratio, the population and skill of a developer play a significant role.

Advanced and External Features: Dunzo mobile application features include data encryption, decryption,hosting, OTP validation and push notification and more.

Wrapping up:

If you are familiar with the success of Dunzo, it may be time to build a delivery app as an on-demand delivery app.

The market is evolving to meet the on-demand of all types of players, applications, and segments. The full potential of the division used in the present situation leads to incredible growth in the future.

Want to start your on-demand app like dunzo? Make your dream come true today by contacting our expert mobile app developers.

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