As the world is changing to digitalization, every business needs its digital dimension. Likewise, the food Industry also grooms a lot by transforming its restaurant business into an online door delivery business. As the food delivery market is going to skyrocket, it becomes almost essential to have a delivery app for every food professionals. There are many features to be added to develop a food delivery application. As the number of features increases, reliability also increases and the application will be easy to use. Do remember that the easy steps to complete the order increases the number of users and the number of restaurants collaborated with the app. Refer to some running food delivery applications before you develop to analyze the pros and cons of the application model. Let us discuss some modules of the food delivery app development to get a completely reliable online food delivery application. 

Customer Module:

Customer Module is the set of programming to develop the steps involved to help the customer to order food. The features to be added in this module are as below:


Search field will list all the restaurants available in the particular application. The location of the restaurants and takeaways in the list are also displayed here. After that, the available list of menus should be displayed to ease the selection of menus to the customers. 

Booking Order:

The Customer booking should have minimal steps to complete the order. If it requires many clicks the customer may get irritated and withdraw the booking process. So make sure the idea behind booking involves lesser clicks. For example, if a customer wants to get more than one item, the availability of a cart is advisable. After the order of each item, the related and relevant food like a side dish may show in an order to encourage the customer to order a complete menu. It may also help the restaurants to get more orders and get their tastes spread over the town. 


Tracking is an important feature to keep track of the ordered food by the customers. This may be achieved by integrating the google app with your food delivery application. By integrating such applications, you can ensure the reliability of the service to the customer.

Payment Gateway:

Integrating payment gateway options assures the customers to make a secure payment. This helps the customers as well as the food delivery partners to send and receive money instantly. To achieve this the food delivery application developer should integrate payment gateways such as Paypal, stripe, and others.


The history of the customer’s order can be shown here. This is used to get the record of the premium customers. Sometimes, premium customers can get some discounts and offers. By using this history option they can make use of those offers.


Last but not the least, a feedback form should be displayed to get the rating of the delivery person as well as the food providers. By recording the ratings and reviews the service providers can be rewarded for their work. It motivates the service person to improve their work far better than now.

Delivery Person’s Module:

Sign Up/In:

Sign up is the process of entering the details of the delivery person. The details may be the basic personal details like Name, contact details, profile picture, email, Bank details, and so on. From the entered details their information will be maintained in the database. After the signup process is completed, every time the person should sign in to enter into the application.

New order Notification:

The notification of new orders should be sent to each delivery person. It should be viewed by them once they logged in. The nearby delivery person may approve the order. It is up to the delivery person to approve/disapprove the order. There must be some regulations to disapprove an order without any penalty. 

Delivery Management:

At a time, a delivery person may get more than one order. In such a situation, the delivery person can manage orders near the locations. 

Location Tracking:

There must be a GPS location tracker integrated into this module for the easy identification of locations to deliver the food. It directs the delivery person with the shortest route to the delivery location. By using the shortest route, they can deliver the food on time without disturbing the customer.

Admin Module:

Admin module is responsible for controlling the entire food delivery application. This module should have the below features to give the best results for the entire application.

Data List:

The admin panel should have a separate page to add or remove the restaurant, menu from the restaurant, delivery person details, and so on. These details will only be maintained by the admin panel to manage the entire business. 

Performance Maintenance:

The performance of the delivery person, restaurant, and the staff in the business. This panel keeps track of all the employee’s performance and maintains a performance record. From this record, they can easily identify the person who is working smart. That person may be assigned to some more responsibilities.

Order Management:

 Order Management is the process that is a key work of this entire business. If this phase is done carefully the business leads to success. The best admin should handle the orders carefully. They should have alternate plans to execute the operations.


Payments and commissions for orders are managed here. There must be a separate page for each payee. Payment from the customer should be recorded. 

Offers and Discounts:

Offers and discounts are being discussed here by manipulating the payment and other details. Offers and discounts are the ways to keep your customer with you.

 This Pandemic situation makes this business grow a lot. So the demand for food delivery applications is high. As we all know “Need is the father of invention”, if we are aware of the need of the customer by several surveys from the customers, analyzing the market models, we can easily succeed in this field. Initial planning is very much important. If we plan the above mentioned ideas we can reach more people and touch the top.

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